Team Partners
Oct 18, 2016 - Shark Birthdays
Shark Birthdays for October 16th-31st!!! Krisha Bole turned 13 on the 16th Kate Wallace turned 11 on the 17th Nicholas Smith is turning 10 on the 19th Ashtyn Praeter is turning 10 on the 23rd James J...
Oct 18, 2016 - Swim-A-Thon Information
Oct 11, 2016 - Team News
Wednesday Dryland Cancelled There will be no dryland for Pre-Senior/Senior tomorrow (Oct 11) so extra time to study!!! Verify Email/SMS Text With winter weather fast approaching please be sure to lo...
Sep 30, 2016 - Shark Birthdays
Shark Birthdays for October 1st-15th!!! Carson Bruner is turning 12 on the 2nd Benjamin Bayer is turning 11 on the 4th Malea Wishnok is turning 10 on the 13th Nick Girz is turning 13 on the 15th Anne ...
Sep 28, 2016 - Shark Nation Newsletter Vol. 2
Picture Day is this Friday Sept 30th This year's Shark team and individual photos are being taken on Friday, September 30. Please make note of BOTH your individual and group photo time as well as the ...
Sep 23, 2016 - Shark Nation Newsletter Vol. 1
Shark Nation Newsletter Vol. 1 Sept 23, 2016 Oct 2 nd Home meet deadline is fast approaching The deadline...
Sep 17, 2016 - Website Info/On Deck App Info
Having questions about managing your account on Team Unify? Please take advantage of the video Tutorials once you log in. Your log in will be sent to the email you entered while registering. The email...
Sep 16, 2016 - Dryland Equipment
Dryland practices start Monday Sept 26 th Only Tiger Performance, Pre-Senior and Senior need dryland equipment. For everyone who participated in dry-land last year there is only one new piece of equip...
Sep 16, 2016 - Swim Equipment Needed
Sep 11, 2016 - Reminders
Any Lemons, Hammers, Makos or Leopards trying to purchase Fins online I was told that has Sporti Floating Fins on backorder. Just so you know Bettertimes Floating Fins are the exact sam...
Aug 30, 2016 - Coaches List
Lead Coaches & Asst. Coaches 2016-2017 Season Lemon Sharks Lead Coach: Susan Kelleher Asst Coach: Gabby Feldmeyer Hammerhead Sharks Lead Coach: Jennifer Marusko Asst Coach: Gabby Feldmeyer Asst Co...
Aug 27, 2016 - Required Equipment
* () = Recomended Brand/Style Lemons and Hammerheads Long Fins (Sporti) Kickboard Makos Mesh-bag Kickboard Jr. Pull-buoy Long fins (Sporti) Leopards Mesh-bag Kickboard Pull-buoy Long Fins (Sporti)...