Spring Registration Opens January 2nd for Returning Families!

Happy Holidays to All and to All a Happy (and much needed) School Break!    Even as we break for school, we wanted to let you know your Tidalwaves board has been working double time to get ready for the Spring Season!  We hope your family is as excited about the gifts the 2018 season will bring as your board is!  Here's what we know:

2018 Registration Open Dates

Registration for our Returning Families (anyone who has participated in a Tidalwaves or Tadpole program in the past and is therefore on the distribution list to receive this e-mail) opens on January 2nd Registration for NEW Families opens on January 9th.

Why the different dates?   We again anticipate that we will reach our age group caps this year  (especially at College of Marin!) and want to give our returning families an advantage in getting their registrations in early.   Mark your calendars!

2018 Fees

Continuing with the gift theme, this season the Tidalwaves board is REDUCING our registration fees over last years by $20.   We call it, "Blue State Tax Hike Relief"...It is the least we can do.  Oh, and we are keeping the early registration discount too, so that is a double win for those of you that can help us out with your early registrations.   They really do help us plan our coaching line up better!  Plus, with our newly acclaimed status as the largest team in the league last year (!) the chance of reaching our registration caps is higher, and the early registration discount is our way of helping you internalize a New Year's resolution of early responses to e-mail requests...(o.k., maybe thats just a wish for the season on my list to Santa).


If Registered before 2/1/2018

If Registered on or after 2/1/2018
Regular Season 1st Swimmer Fee $435.00 $460.00
Regular Season Additional Swimmers' Fee* $410.00 $440.00
High School Season Swimmer Fee** $100.00 $100.00
Assessment Fee (only for NEW 8 & Unders) $5.00 $5.00
Tadpole Fees*** $550.00 $550.00
Waitlist Fee $5.00 $5.00

* Additional Swimmers means "additional swimmers in the same family".

** Note the High School Swimmer Season registration rate applies only to High School swimmers who, due to commitments to their high school team cannot begin practicing with Tidalwaves until the completion of their high school season in early-May.

*** Tadpole fees not affected by 'Blue State Tax Hike Relief' act of 2018.

2018 Assessments for NEW 8 & Unders

This year assessments of New 8 & Under swimmers will again be required before having the swimmer join the team and charging the full registration fee.  We will be holding assessments for NEW swimmers on February 4th for those who will practice primarily at Redwood and February 13th and 15th for those who will practice primarily at COM.  Why?  Click here to read more about assessments, the schedule, the exceptions, etc..  Please note that Returing Families CAN have NEW swimmers.


2 FREE Weeks of 'Pre-Splash'  Tune Up Opportunities for Returning Swimmers!

Here's a very special gift for our returning swimmers this year!  We're taking advantage of some found pool time (at Redwood ONLY), and offering completely optional  AND completely FREE tune up opportunities to any of our returning swimmers who are registered by February 12th.  Click here for the 'Tune Up Schedule'

Practice Schedules Available on Website

For those who's only gift wish this holiday is for something to help them organize their life better in the New Year, we've got you covered!  Splash Week and Practice Schedules are on the website (and yes folks, EVEN the meet and most of the event schedule are now on the website--lower right hand corner of home page...thank you Marin Swim League!).  

When do Volunteer Sign Ups Open?

This year we're opening volunteer sign ups on February 12th.  We'll give our Returning families a head start on registration, but for volunteer sign ups, we'll all "take our marks," at the same time.  Changes to job descriptions are being made as we speak and will be posted sometime in January. 

Team Leads, Anyone?

As your team's board, we enjoy scouring our community for those with exceptional leadership/management skills and potential.  It's a great feeling to tap these leaders of our community who are willing to share their skills for the kids and parents of our team and the greater Marin Swim League organization...however we would hate to overlook someone who is willing and able.  If  you have been on the team long enough to appreciate the inner most workings of our well oiled volunteer machine and/or just understand how valuable leadership skills are to overworked board members, we'd love to hear from you.  If we don't have a role this season, we'll keep your name in mind for next season.  email Kathy Slaught:

Help Spread the Word!!

Ahh, you already do so much, we hate to ask for a gift from you, but what the heck... There is one wee gift you can give your board and team this us spread the word!  We are a team that believes in the gift of swimming for EVERY child in our community!  It's a life skill, its a place to make and build on friendships year after year, a place to continue to work toward skill competence, and a place where EVERY swimmer and their family can feel like they belong to our COMMUNITY TEAM!  Invite your friends and invite your friends to invite their friends.  After you invite them, invite people you don't even know.  Everyone is welcome on the Tidalwaves team!  That's how we make a Tidalwave size splash in the community! 

That's it for now, but keep watching your e-mails, we've got a TIDALWAVE of information to share...but we'll try and send it out in smaller sets of WAVES...oh, the fun is only just beginning!  GO WAVES!