Liberty Mountain GS Race Wrap-Up
LMRT Families, Coaches, and Friends,   I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that helped with the race this past weekend and make it such a great success.   Pulling off an event like this takes the help of many many people.  This year we had over 70 people, not even counting our great coaches, assist with the event.  Many of these people were on the snow in the rain before 6am preparing the course and setting up timing equipment.  

For many, the commitment and work started months, and for some, years ago, by attending the training and taking the tests required to volunteer for critical positions that require certification.  Just to run this event requires us to fill 6 certified positions.  Others were washing bibs, buying provisions for breakfast and lunches, drumming up donations for the raffle, organizing awards,and doing all of the paperwork required to run a USSA race.  Finally, we had one parent pitch in to design and build a great set of podium platforms for the awards, and another build a new set of scoreboards, when it was recently determined that our old wooden ones had gone missing.   

A ton of work by all that resulted in 173 kids, ages 7-14, each making two very important runs in a USSA sanctioned event,  a net income to the club of approximately $7000 (combined registration fee and $900 income from the raffle), and a great growth opportunity for your child regardless of wether they were on the podium or at the back of the pack.

By volunteering to help in the race you gain much better understanding of this exciting sport in which you have provided your child the opportunity to participate.   I would encourage the new parents to seek out ways to get more involved in some of the key positions.  Typically in the fall, PARA offers certification course at some of the local mountains.  This is a great time to learn more and maybe even get certified for one of the critical positions. 

I have rambled on for long enough, so Ill close by personally thanking Jon Covin, Paul Volkman (Timing Chiefs), Matt Superzcynski (Chief of Course), Doug Houston-Ludlum (Chief of Race), Chip Swisher (Chief Gate Judge), and Jacki Meiser (Race Administrator) for all of their help, before and during the race to help me figure everything out and make the race run as smoothly as it did despite some challenging conditions.

David Meiser
LMRT Race Director