2018 Senior State Championships Meet Recap!

2018 SC Senior State Championships Meet Recap


Last weekend SWAC was represented by 28 athletes at the Senior State Championships in Indianapolis, and they capped off what has been a fantastic season for our high school group athletes!

SWAC scored 1378.5 points to finish in 6th place, with the Men’s team scoring 832.5 points for 4th place and the Women scoring 546 for 7th.  By comparison, at this same meet last year we sent 19 athletes and finished in 16th place with 239.5 points-what a difference a year makes!

This meet came on the heels of an IHSAA high school season that saw the Girls and Boys Homestead teams, composed almost entirely of SWAC athletes, BOTH win Sectional Championships and BOTH finish as the highest placing teams from Fort Wayne at the State Championships (Girls-9th, Boys-5th).

It’s truly been an amazing championship season for our senior athletes, and we look forward to seeing our age groupers follow suit this weekend!


Meet highlights from Senior State:

-Calob Cope wrapped up his first season with SWAC by dropping 51 seconds in his 1650 Freestyle and moving all the way up from 54th to 21st place to score for the team.

-Lily Kaiser swam a time of 2:05.17 in the 200 Backstroke for her first USA Swimming Futures qualifying time.  The time was a lifetime best by almost 2.5 seconds, and 5 seconds faster than she was last season.

-Yehyun Song swam a time of 1:58.47 in the 200 Butterfly for his first Speedo Sectional qualifying time.  Yehyun dropped more than 4.5 seconds from his lifetime best and move up 10 places from his seed.

-Syd Thrasher swam a time of 58.49 in the 100 Backstroke, nearly 2 full seconds faster than she went at last month’s Sectional Championships, to achieve her first USA Swimming Futures qualifying time.

-Cora Walrond swam a time of 1:07.69 in the 100 Breaststroke for her first Speedo Sectional qualifying time.  This was also a lifetime best by 2.5 seconds, and 5 seconds faster than she was last season.

-Maggie Stock, Lily Kaiser, Katie Walther, and Syd Thrasher set a new SWAC record in the Girls 800 Freestyle Relay, breaking a mark that had stood since 2009.

-Riley Anderson, Trey Cooley, Scott Hodson, Julian Norman, Bryce Warner, and Zach Zishka combined to go a perfect 5-for-5 and break EVERY Boys SWAC relay record on the books, the oldest having stood since 2004.


100% Lifetime Bests

Elijah Riley, Bryce Warner


All-But-1 Lifetime Bests  

Sami Hinkleman, Scott Hodson, Josh Kessler, Kylynn Lynam, Ella Sackett, Cora Walrond, Brandon Wiggins


Top 10 Total Time Dropped

Ella Sackett-97.84 Seconds

Calob Cope-53.6 Seconds

Michaela Godfrey-52.0 Seconds

Zach Zishka-44.08 Seconds

Josh Kessler-16.16 Seconds

Elijah Riley-15.17 Seconds

Maggie Stock-14.17 Seconds

Cameron Luarde-11.75 Seconds

Brandon Wiggins-6.34 Seconds

Cora Walrond-6.01 Seconds