NEWS for Week of March 19th - March 23rd

The weather forecast is for more rain this week and the forecast for the practice schedule is just as rumbly at REDWOOD as we work around Redwood Open House and a Redwood Swim Meet. The good news?  Starting next week, both the rain and the Redwood swim meets begin to be less disruptive to our swimmers. A word (or two) from our Coaches, first Terrific Twenty Session starts tonight, and take a moment to understand the significance of the "Waterdog" to Tidalwaves swimmers, all in THIS issue of the NEWS!  

Wednesday, March 21st:  Modified Practice Schedule at REDWOOD

Ee Gads!  Why?  Redwood Swim Meet.  This is an update to the schedule that went out last Friday.  NO practice for 8 & Unders on Wednesday, but practice for everyone else!  Here's the modified Wednesday Schedule:

Practice Group Start Time End Time
8 & Under (Blue and Gold) CANCELLED CANCELLED
9-10 Blue 6:00 6:45
9-10 Gold 6:00 7:00
Early 11 +'s 7:00 8:00
11 & Ups 6:50 8:10

Thursday, March 22nd: All REDWOOD Practices EXCEPT 8 & Under CANCELLED 

Ee Gads!  Why?  Redwood Open House.  Practice for ALL Redwood 8 & Unders, (Blue and Gold), will end at 6:00pm.   It seems turn around is not just fair play, but also the best way for us to balance our practice opportunities in this rumbly week at Redwood.  At the request (demand?) of Redwood High School, all 9 & Up practices are cancelled to allow Redwood parents hassle free parking for this big event.  COM practices are NOT affected by this.

And Now a Word From Coach Marie...

Greetings TIDALWAVES!!!!!!

Your WAVE  H20 logged, hypothermic, wind blown Coaches, would like to KUDO all our WAVE tough swimmers that have braved the recent, challenging weather conditions!!  Saturdays, WAVE focused diving instruction was well attended,despite the cold rain!

We're off to a WAVE of a fantastic start, having completed our first week of FREESTYLE emphasis. Our kids are learning the meaning of STREAMLINING, BALANCE, DISTANCE PER STROKE, and HIGH ELBOWS. They also know, or will know, the importance of good head position, breathing and strong kicking (WAVE rumble). That’s a WAVE  WOW!!!

We will continue our Freestyle and conditioning emphasis this week.

Next week, begins our 2 week emphasis/focus on BACKSTROKE technique, with continued practice on FREESTYLE finesse and aerobic conditioning. Our overall fitness is impressive and improving! Parents... please give your swimmers extra WAVE "atta boys/girls" for their exceptional efforts. They are really pushing themselves!!!!
Now for a WAVE Coaches' Ask...We hope everyone has personalized their fins, and remembers to have them at every practice! Also, working GOGGLES are a MUST have for everyone! If parents will help their swimmers come up with a strategy for making sure they ARRIVE ON-TIME, have everything they need at practice, we the WAVE Coaches, will be VERY grateful. We are finding that much time is being lost on missing/broken/outgrown equipment.

The coaches are very excited to be able to participate in, and a commit to, the progress of our enthusiastic, talented, and eager swimmers!

Please note our Terrific Twenty incentive award program described below. The first session starts tonight!

Terrific Twenty Session Details (reprinted from Friday)

To encourage attendance at practice and to award the effort involved in committing to  improved swimming, we the coaches challenge all swimmers to attend 4 practices a week.  Here's how it works:  There will be 2 "Terrific Twenty" Sessions, each 5 weeks long and 1 "Sweet Sixteen" session that will be 4 weeks long.  So, 3 separate opportunities to win an award!

Session From Date To Date
Session 1 3/19/18 4/20/18
Session 2 4/23/18 5/25/18
Session 3 5/28/18 6/22/18

The first 2 sessions are each 5 weeks long (Mon-Fri). Any swimmer who checks in and attends 20 practices during the session will be a Terrific 20 Winner! The third session is a week shorter, so any swimmer who checks in and attends 16 practices during session 3 will be a Sweet 16 Winner!  Coaches will discuss program and prizes with swimmers at practice. COM swimmers who would like to achieve this award, are encouraged to come to Redwood to get their 4th day of practice in.  

We DO recognize that many of our swimmers have other activities as well, and will be unable to be TERRIFIC TWENTY WINNERS (that's okay). We hope everyone will participate to the best of their ability.

Fine Print:  If a NO swim day occurs during any session (for instance Thursday is Redwood Open House and so the 9-10, Early 11+'s, and 11 & Ups all have a No Swim day.  Wednesday is a No swim day for 8 & Unders), credit will be given for that workout. Please remind your swimmers to check in every day. Awards will be presented on Tuesday or Wednesday following the end of the session.

What's a 'Waterdog'?

Only the Tidalwaves greatest symbol of Team Commitment, Dedication, and Pride!  Swim Team is not just a chance to become a better swimmer.  It is also a chance to learn about commitment to one's community and team.  The kids get it, and the kids love it.  Participate in every dual meet of the season as well as CHAMPS and your child will be honored at our Awards Banquet with the coveted Waterdog T-shirt that proudly displays the names of all other waterdogs on the back!  Sorry parents, these are only for the kids, but we do recognize that you play a TREMENDOUS part in helping to make sure that your child makes every meet and CHAMPS (June 30th).  As always, your reward comes from what your child learns about commitment to team and community--almost as good as a T-shirt.