2nd RESEND: NEWS for Week of April 2nd - April 7th

Apparently Team Unify is playing a late "April Fool's" joke on us all.  Honestly, I did everything the way I always do, and am not responsible for the machine language we all received.  I do want to thank my faithful readers who contacted me to let me know of the problem...there are more of you than I thought!  : )

​I have tested this and know that it is not yet completely right, but is at least readable now.  The link below will take you to the website under the NEWS tab where ALL the weekly news messages can be found and for now anyway, are rendering correctly.

Here is a link to the NEWS for Week of April 2nd - April 7th that is rendering correctly on the website.  I will keep working with Team Unify to ensure the problem is resolved in the future.