NEWS for Week of April 23rd - April 28th

BIG Week starts TODAY!  Excitement and Cheers are in the air from swimmers, parent volunteers, and coaches as we get ready for our competition kick-off with Pizza/Cheer night (Friday--so No Practice at Redwood), Lap-a-thon fundraising, and Time Trials!  Fingers poised, we need some serious clicking today to help our Team!  Step by step instructions below.  Oh, and we have a special note from our team president, Kathy Slaught way down at the bottom...that we want everyone to read.  READ on and CLICK on!

Terrific Twenty Session 2 Starts Tonight!

Terrific Twenty Session 1 ended Friday.  Awards will be given out on Wednesday at practice, award winners will be announced in next Monday's e-mail, and today starts the second opportunity for swimmers to work toward 20 practices over the next five weeks.  With no Spring Break to get in the way, it is a great opportunity to work towards this personal goal.

Pizza Cheer Night is Friday, April 27th from 5:00 - 7:00pm 

This is a hallmark Tidalwaves event!  It kicks off the fun of the season for swimmers, coaches, and parents alike!  Remember no practice at Redwood.  Come together, eat pizza, salads (um, no romaine lettuce to be sure) and sides, see old friends, meet new people, pick up any gear you ordered during Splash Week, ask questions about the season and Saturday's TIME TRIALS and just enjoy being a part of this team!  REDWOOD CAFETERIA across from the grassy area in front of the gyms. 

As usual, the kids are the entertainment as they compete for cash prizes with their SPIRIT and CHEERS!  We NEED TO KNOW who is coming so that we are sure we have enough food.  If you haven't already,   PLEASE CLICK HERE AND REGISTER YOUR FAMILY NOW!!  And YES, Gluten Free pizza will be available, if you order it.  Tadpole families welcome! And NO, this is not a "Drop Off" event.  Please make sure every child that registers has a responsible ADULT there for them. 

Please Log Stroke Choices and Meet Declines by Wednesday 9:00am!

Time Trials is Saturday and the deadline for logging your stroke choices and meet declines is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25th at 9:00am. Please remember that we assume EVERYONE is swimming in the meet unless you tell us otherwise.  To run a VERY EFFICIENT meet, we need to know if your swimmer will not be there for ANY or ALL of it.  Very few have declined the meet so far, which makes me nervous.

Please click here to go to the Touchpad April 28th Time Trials Meet.  Once on the page, follow the instructions provided to declare your child's stroke choices or meet decline.  You will need to be logged in to your TU account to do this.  Please also leave insightful notes for Marie if your child is unsure about swimming an event, or if you will be leaving early or arriving late.

​ Heat sheets and volunteer check in information will come out in our Thursday edition of "Final Notes before the Meet" e-mail that you will see from now until the end of the season.  Stay tuned!

How important are the times that are recorded at Time Trials and How should you choose the strokes for your child?  The times that are recorded at Time Trials become a baseline for placing your swimmer in the most appropriate heat for each of the events they want to swim throughout the season.  Remember, Coach Marie wants the kids to swim as many strokes as they can at Time TrialsFor time trials, a swimmer can swim up to 5 individual events, provided they can do the stroke legally (or Coach Marie thinks they can do it legally...these are kids afterall).  There are no relays at Time Trials.  Swimmer wasn't a breaststroker last year?  This year could be completely different!  That is the nature of age group swimming.  If Marie does not feel a child is ready to swim the stroke legally, she will remove them from the event.  This is not a big deal.  HOWEVER, it is a BIG deal to try to add a kid to a race AFTER the Wednesday deadline. Questions?  PLEASE let me know:

Lap-a-thon Update:  Let the Fundraising Continue!!

Thank you to all who have started the fundraising efforts for our team!  Get excited for Pizza/Cheer this Friday when you can pick up your Lap-A-Thon fundraising packet.  Now let's make it interesting with a little bit of friendly practice group competition...the practice group with the greatest number of participants this week and next will earn a practice time pizza party! (2 opportunities to win).

To be this week's pizza party winning practice group, we're looking for the practice group with the most pledges logged between today and Friday!   Remember to truly show our team spirit, we want EVERYONE to participate in the swimming and raising money for our team.  Each of us only needs to raise $60-$100!!  Remember to send those e-mails and get out and fundraise!

Also, Coach Marie wants everyone to know that ALL swimmers are welcome and encouraged to swim in the Lap-A-Thon.  It's a great way for the kids to contribute to the spirit and strength of the team!  Bring your kids during their age group practice time ( NEW Schedule starts May 14th, the day of the LAP-A-THON); tadpoles can swim with the 8 & Unders...everyone swims at Redwood.

A Note From Our President

As we embark on the competition part of our season, it seems a good time to inform and reflect on the inclusive nature of the Marin Swim League and our Tidalwaves community.  It is with pride that we believe our team and league are and should be a safe and supportive environment for swimmers of all shapes, sizes, abilities, goals, experience, race, creed, and gender orientation.  Throughout the league, we are a community made up of roughly 2000 swimmers and over 4000 parents, siblings and supportive fans.  These are powerful numbers to foster an environment that allows all of our participants to reach for whatever their goals may be and build lifelong skills and friendships in the process.

We know that topics of social inclusion and understanding are ones addressed frequently and effectively in our community.  However, revisiting the responsibility each of our children has to be sensitive to children who may not look or act like themselves, but who have the same right and desire to participate fully toward reaching their goals is important.  As we move into our dual meet schedule with our first meet against Sleepy Hollow on May 5th, we want our parents to know that the league will be introducing a new policy this year consistent with USA swimming addressing the needs of transgender children.  Specifically, the league allows swimmers to compete in events of their self-identified gender.  We as a community and team ask that we all work to help prepare our swimmers in the most appropriate ways to understand that the greatest display of sportsmanship comes from respecting ALL differences and ALL athletes.

Please reach out to me or any other Board member should you have any questions or concerns.  In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you at Pizza/Cheer and Time Trials!! GOO Waves!

Kathy Slaught

Tidalwaves Team President