Wrapping Up our Wonderful Lap-a-thon!

WOW!  We assured you, perhaps even boasted about how fun the Lap-a-thon would be, but even our prognosticators of FUN were bowled over by how much fun this year's event was!  HUGE, HUGE, Tidalwave of Thanks to our Lap-a-thon Leads Katie Delsol and Karianne Atwell for organizing and delivering on this VERY IMPORTANT team event.  Oh, but it wasn't all our leads.  YOU, OUR TEAM, made it happen!  Over 165 swimmers participated in swimming laps for their team yesterday...and boy did they swim laps!!   Congratulations and well done...wait, we aren't done yet!  Katie wanted me to share the following wrap up items with everyone:

  1. If your swimmer was not able to swim yesterday, you CAN STILL DONATE !  We are still reaching for our 99% Participation fundraising goal !  Just go to, click on the green, "Please Help" button, and make a donation! ​
  2. Everyone has another week to get their donations in before we calculate our "COACH OF THE DAY" fundraising winners….if your swimmer can bring their checks/cash to practice, Marie has an envelope she will be collecting $$ into (and then we will get from her).
  3. If your swimmer has sponsors that are donating PER LAP , then swimmers need to follow up with those sponsors , let them know how many laps they swam, and then collect the money.  Some people turned in their sponsor sheets to us yesterday (with no money), so I just want to be sure everyone is clear that they need to follow up with their sponsors (if they were donating per lap)!
  4. If a raffle winner left before collecting their prize, it is filed (in an envelope) with their ribbons.
  5. Don't forget the 9-10 Blue group was the practice group with the most participants in the two week fundraising period.  Their pizza party will be TONIGHT at 5:20pm !

And Who WERE Our LAP SWIMMING Super heroes by Practice Group?  I don't know about you, but I get tired just thinking about their efforts!  Congratulations to these winners of "Most Laps Swum" reknown: 


Swimmer Practice Group Number of Laps
Julian Morozoff 8 & Under Blue 44
Katerina Hersh 8 & Under Gold 76
Riley Merklin 9 - 10 Blue 84
Alex Kosorukov 9 - 10 Gold 132
Kate DeForrest 11 & Ups 150
Caitlin Kawamura High School 172


More lap-a-thon winners will be announced once the collecting and accounting finishes!