NEWS for Week of June 11th - June 16th

What an exciting weekend of swimming for our Tidalwaves team!  Two meets to wrap up, a reminder that this Wednesday is BINGO night, complete with a modified practice schedule, Thursday is a NO SWIM day as Redwood celebrates its graduates, and we get ready for our last 2 dual meets and of course, CHAMPS, on June 30th and our Awards Banquet on July 1st, and don't forget, we're still doing our Tidalwaves Pool Party on July 3rd and our grand finale this year...the Tidalwaves entry in the 4th of July parade!  Still lots of swim team spirit and fun to go this season!!  Oh yeah, and we welcome our COM swimmers to Redwood starting TODAY!

Weekend Meet Wrap Ups

What an exciting meet we had on Satuday!  Another point AND improvement victory for Tidalwaves on Saturday as we pulled off a bit of a surprise win against the Rolling Hills Stingrays, TW: 281   RH:  277.  It all came down to those all important Free Relays at the end!  Many thanks to all our swimmers who stuck around to finish strong as a team!  The improvement at this meet was incredibly impressive for this point in the season as we managed to improve 35% of our times for a total of 413 seconds compared to Rolling Hills 33% and made 5 NEW all star qualifiers!  Click here for the final results.  Click here to see our list of All Star qualifiers, and click here to see our team's improvement for the day.  All around a ton of fun, despite the intense wind that almost blew our computer team off the deck!

Speaking of All Stars, we had a fantastic All Star meet on Sunday with our TIdalwaves swimmers representing us well with effort, spirit, sportsmanship, and improvement.  All Star results are posted, and so are updates to the  Top Twenty report based on the weekend's results.

Fun, 'Weird but True' Event from this All Star Meet

O.k., Tidalwaves fans, there was one event at All Stars that caught the attention of several around the league and will certainly put a smile on your face today as well.  Event # 45, the Boys 15-18 Butterfly saw two long time Tidalwaves icons (dedicated to our team since they were 6 years old), identical twins Vova and Andrey Priahin battle as they have year after year to best each other...but not this race, not this year.  This year they tied with an impressive identical time of 27.88 going to BOTH of them.  What are the odds??  Let's see them do that again!

Bingo, Bingo, Bingo Wednesday, June 13th

This event is all COACHES and SWIMMERS (at the outdoor REDWOOD stone tables--adjacent to tent city locale) as Coach Marie brings the kids together for the classic fun of bingo.  Of course there are prizes and munchies, what more do the kids need?  Well, actually, they also need a modified practice schedule to allow time for swimming AND Bingo on the same night!

Bingo schedule: 

Age Group Practice Time Bingo Time

8 & Unders*

3:50 - 4:20 4:25 - 5:00

9 - 11's

4:20 - 5:00 5:05 - 5:45

12 & Up

5:00 - 5:50 5:55 - 6:40

*Please use your judgement as to whether your 5 or 6 year old has the attention span for 4-5 rounds of BINGO.  Snacks,prizes,socializing,and BINGO!!

Private Lesson Time Available--Please Schedule directly with Coach Marie
With school out for so many, we wanted to pass along that Coach Marie has some pool time available during the day this week and next for private lessons.  Please reach out to her to schedule if you are interested.
Time to Log Strokes, Leave Notes, or Decline Saturday's AWAY meet 
Two more dual meets to go!  Please click here to go to the Touchpad AWAY meet at the Terra Linda Orcas pool on Saturday, June 16th that starts at 8:30am and log your stroke choices, leave notes for early departures or late arrivals, or to decline the meet.  Please note that this time of year many people are headed out of town for vacation.  We still need you to decline the meet, even if you are on vacation.  This weekend's meet and next weekend's meet are both on the website and you can do them both today if you need to.  Thank you for your courtesy to the team!  


We would like to take a brief minute to recognize our Tidalwaves graduates this year.  Many, many of Redwood's graduates this year have participated on Tidalwaves at some point in their young lives.  This year, however, we want to recognize Megan Bosley, who graduates from both Tidalwaves and Redwood in the same year.  Megan will be missed by our community as she has been with our team for 10+ years helping to set an example of work ethic, team spirit and persistance that can be matched by few.  Yesterday Megan swam in her first All Star meet ever and crushed her time as well.  We wish her all the best as she moves on to the next chapter(s) of her life with the same character we have enjoyed having her share with our team all these years!  Best of luck, Megan! 

What is Champs All About Anyway?

Champs is the last meet of the season, June 30th this year.  It is the Marin Swim League equivalent of the World Championships or the Olympics as ALL ten teams come together to participate in one big swim meet that is as much about team pride as it is about determining which team has the fastest swimmers in each event.  Maximizing participation in this meet is our team goal.  Points are awarded through 16th place for individual events and through 10th place for relays so the dynamics of this meet are very different from the dual meets.  Every swimmer is important to their team.  The competition at this meet is as much about the commitment of the team as it is about the talent of the swimmers

Swim team is about swimmers supporting their team mates with their presence, putting forward their best effort to inspire others on the team to do the same, commitment to practices, the pride that comes from giving back to the team, and sticking the season through to the end. 

To be eligible to swim in the Championship meet, a swimmer must have swum in at least two dual meets. There are, however, no qualifying times.  EVERYONE CAN AND SHOULD SWIM IN THIS MEET!

Also please note that to be eligible for a coveted Tidalwaves' Waterdog T-shirt a swimmer must swim in all dual meets and Champs.  Additionally, age group high point trophy winners will be awarded based on points earned in all dual meets and Champs.