Purple Group Gives Back


Coach Danyelle and her Purple Groupers showed what it really means to demonstrate the YMCA Core Values- caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. This was part of their celebration of Thanksgiving and a prelude to Thanksgiving training. With a little bit of competition, these swimmers were motivated to collect canned goods for those less fortunate. All food items were donated to the Middle Tyger Community Center's outreach program for those that need a little extra help. The swimmers were able to collectively donate over 200 cans. It was amazing to see the kids get so excited about their group contest and also see them having fun while helping others. The Purple Group is to be commended by the other swimmers from YSSC and their families on a job well done. 


This year's YSSC team theme is AAB which stands for Above and Beyond. Any swimmer, coach, or parent that knows of an instance where this effort has been shown can contact Coach Erin at to share with the team and honor that swimmer's efforts.