Winning Spirit Camp W Bob and Ev Steele

WINNING SPIRIT RACING CAMP - Get your registration in!! T-shirt orders due tomorrow!

Building Swimmers through Skills, Fitness, and Motivation!

We are on our way to being the best we can be! We are hosting Bob Steele and his wife Ev for the weekend of January 13-15th. Together they will be running a clinic for our team. This clinic has been structured with our program in mind and each of our levels accounted for. The information found on our website will give you the schedule that has been tentatively set. We will be fine tuning it as the date approaches. 

This clinic is for our swimmers and our swimmers parents. We cannot offer this to our HS boys that are currently in their HS season due to IHSA rules, however, their parents are welcome to attend the Pot Luck dinner and participate in Bobs parent presentation. Bob brings a wealth of information to our parents in regards to college swimming , recruiting and the challenges that come with this process.

If you have any questions please contact Coach Mary at maryruffin6@gmail.com.