UW MADISON swimmers will attend this year's Fairfax Meet!

We are excited to announce that Eric Hansen, Head Coach of the UW Madison Swim Team called to let us know that the UW BADGERS will be attending our 2010 Fairfax Meet!  

Our Fairfax meet is a premier long course meet held at the Fairfax Park in Eau Claire.  This year the UW-Madison Swim Team will be returning to swim along with swimmers from more than 18 teams in the upper midwest region.  The caliber of competition at this meet is very high quality, and we really look forward to some great swims! 
This meet is also our team's major fundfaiser for the year!  All swimmers and parents of swimmers who swim with our team on either the winter team or the summer team are required to volunteer time or give a gift of $75.00 in lieu of volunteering. We cannot run this meet without a strong core of volunteers!  Please contact Kim Way at 715-833-2399 for more information or check out our website at:  www.eauclaireymcamarlins.com