REMINDERS: Practice Time Tonight, T & B Orders, Focused Instruction

Three reminders to get you all through the weekend, and then a head's up that our first session of 'Terrific Twenty' practice attendance incentives start Monday!

Reminder:  RHS Meet Tonight.  Modified Practice Schedule (at Redwood only)

For tonight Friday, March 16th, the adjusted practice schedule (at Redwood, only) is as follows:

Practice Groups From To

8 & Under (Blue and Gold)

6:00 6:30

9-10 (Blue and Gold)

6:30 7:15

11 & Up (All)

7:15 8:10

We will use this same schedule on Wednesday, March 21st...the next Redwood meet.  I hope it is clear, the Redwood meets do not impact our COM swimmers.  (Really, people have asked this!).  Only 3 more of these to get through this season...not bad.

Reminder:  Last Day to Order Team Suits, Sweats, Parkas through T&B Sports

Orders for team suits, parkas, hoodies and Tidalwaves sweat pants are only available directly through T& B Sports (1345 4th Street, San Rafael.  Phone:  415-453-2433). 

The final day to order with T&B is TODAY - 3/16.  Click here to place your order today.  Any items ordered today will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer night, April 27th.  Any items not picked up at Pizza/Cheer will be available at Time Trials, April 28th.  Can't make it those 2 days?  Ask a friend to pick up for you.

You CAN place your order for custom caps ONLINE through  March 23rd .  What is a custom cap, you ask?  The best way to identify your child at a swim meet when s/he is all wet and dressed in the same bathing suit as 250+ of his and her closest team mates.  Caps will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer Night, April 27th.

Reminder:  Focused Instruction Opportunities at Redwood Start Tomorrow

Our Optional Saturday "Focused Instruction" sessions start tomorrow!  This is a great opportunity for swimmers to focus on a single skill for the whole practice.  While completely optional, they are highly recommended and very well received by swimmers.  They will be offered from 3/17/18 - 4/21/18* (after that, Saturdays are meet days!):

Practice Group Location Day Time Instruction Focus
ALL 8 &  Unders Redwood Saturday 3:00 - 3:30 Starts/Dives
All 9 - 10's Redwood Saturday 3:30 - 4:00 Starts and Turns
All  Tidalwaves' Swimmers, by appointment only Redwood Saturday 3:00 - 4:00 Private or Small Group Lessons
All 11 & Up's Redwood Saturday   4:30 - 5:00 Starts and Turns
All  Tidalwaves' Swimmers Marin Academy Sunday By Appointment Private Lessons with Marie

* No focused instruction on Saturday, March 31.

Note:  Private lessons should be arranged through coach Marie (, and are $50/session.

Head's Up:  First 'Terrific Twenty' Attendace Challenge Starts Monday

Our coaches are thrilled at the interest in our 'Terrific Twenty' incentive awards!  "What's that?" you ask.   Here's what coach Marie has to say:

To encourage attendance at practice and to award the effort involved in committing to  improved swimming, we the coaches challenge all swimmers to attend 4 practices a week.  Here's how it works:  There will be 2 "Terrific Twenty" Sessions, each 5 weeks long and 1 "Sweet Sixteen" session that will be 4 weeks long.  So, 3 separate opportunities to win an award!

Session From Date To Date
Session 1 3/19/18 4/20/18
Session 2 4/23/18 5/25/18
Session 3 5/28/18 6/22/18

The first 2 sessions are each 5 weeks long (Mon-Fri). Any swimmer who checks in and attends 20 practices during the session will be a Terrific 20 Winner! The third session is a week shorter, so any swimmer who checks in and attends 16 practices during session 3 will be a Sweet 16 Winner!  Coaches will discuss program and prizes with swimmers at practice. COM swimmers who would like to achieve this award, are encouraged to come to Redwood to get their 4th day of practice in.  

We DO recognize that many of our swimmers have other activities as well, and will be unable to be TERRIFIC TWENTY WINNERS (that's okay). We hope everyone will participate to the best of their ability.

Fine Print:  If a NO swim day occurs during any session (for instance if the pool is closed for any reason on a practice day), credit will be given for that workout. Please remind your swimmers to check in every day. Awards will be presented on Tuesday or Wednesday following the end of the session.