NEWS for Week of May 14th - May 19th

This week's news is about the Marinwood meet wrap-up, the NEW practice Schedule (which starts TONIGHT), TONIGHT'S Lap-a-thon, and next Saturday's Picture Day and HOME meet vs Scott Valley.  ALSO:  reminder for all COM Swimmers to come to Redwood today for the Lap-a-thon!

Meet Results from Waves at Marinwood

Final score this Saturday was Waves 196 to Waterdevils 362.    Despite being on the lower end of that score, it was a great meet for WAVES on the improvement front.  WAVES posted 215 best times for just over 483 seconds of improvement!  Now that is a strong team effort considering that soccer tryouts (and baseball, softball, lacrosse) hit our team hard this week!  Shout outs to our 15-18 year olds who pulled out an age group victory for the meet (and won the final event of the day with an exciting free relay finish!), and to all our breaststrokers who were within 4 points of the Waterdevils.  Also, huge thanks to all of the swimmers who stuck around to swim in the free relays, many filling in for their soccer loving friends for their first relay experiences! 

Please click here to see complete  Meet Results on the website.  Click here to see a complete report of our team's Best Times.  And, last but certainly not least, check out our very impressive list of swimmers who have ALREADY recorded All Star Qualifying Times for the season.  We added many new names on Saturday.   And don't miss the updates to the Top 20 Swims Report that is already on the website.  Keep up the good work (and practice) swimmers!

New Practice Schedule STARTS TONIGHT with the LAP-A-THON Kick-off!

Following the Tidalwaves communication strategy of:  Inform, Remind, Enable...Just letting everyone know again that the new practice schedule goes into effect tonight.  Please click here to see the new schedule


Come one, come all to REDWOOD (that is where ALL the Lap-a-thon action will be)!  We are getting closer to our goal of $15,000!!  This is good news, but we need FANTASTIC NEWS!  Don't forget to bring your cash donations with you to the pool and we're still accepting online donations as well, so don't be shy.  When the lap swimming starts this afternoon at 3:45, let's hope that all that's left for us to do is to reach each practice group's goal of laps within their scheduled practice time.  PRIZES, FUN, AND SPIRIT, all in one night.  It can't be beat.  Lap-A-Thons are a time honored tradition with swim teams, so if nothing else, participate for the FULL swim team experience.   FINS ARE WELCOME!

Practice Group Time Duration Lap Goal
8 & Under Blue
  3:50 - 4:20
  30 min
30 laps
8 & Under Gold
  3:50 - 4:35
  45 min
40 laps
9-10 Blue
  4:35 - 5:20
  45 min
40 laps
9-10 Gold
  4:20 – 5:20
  1  hour
50 laps
11 & Ups 
  5:05 - 6:30
1 hr 25 min
60-100 laps
High School
  5:05 - 6:30
1 hr 25 min
60-100 laps
Early 11 +'s
  5:20 - 6:20
1 hour

60-100 laps

It will be such a terrific site to watch!  We will have all 16 lanes swimming and this year we have plenty of volunteers to count the laps! 

Last, BUT NOT L EAST…….DRUM ROLL…….the winners of the pizza party for the most participation over the last 2 weeks is Redwood’s 9-10 BLUE group!  Your pizza party will be this Thursday at 5:20pm.  Great job!!!

There is MORE competition you can get in on (all final winners will be announced in 1 week so we can get all the money in after today’s lapathon):

  1. Top Dollar Earner by Age Group… will win COACH FOR A DAY!!
  2. Swim the most laps TODAY by Age Group….SURPRISE Gift!
  3. Earn the most number of pledges (not $) on entire team….SURPRISE Gift!

Let’s make our goals!  GO WAVES!!!

Picture Day!  This Saturday May 19th

Just a heads up that picture day is this Saturday before the meet.  Swimmers should arrive at the pool to line up for the team photo at 9:00 on the big cement stairs across from the gym.

For more info or to get ahead on your order form, click here.

Details on Entries for HOME Meet vs Scott Valley- THIS SATURDAY MAY 19th

A welcome HOME COMING after 2 weeks of early morning AWAY meets.  It is time to start thinking about what your swimmers want to swim next week and just as importantly, if they can't make it to the meet we need to know that too.    Remember the deadline for meet declines, stroke choices, and notes to Coach Marie about early departures, late arrivals, etc. is Wednesday, May 16th at 9:00am.    Click here to go to the Scott Valley Touchpad Meet--a HOME meet on May 19th.  Remember, all swimmers are assumed to be swimming in the meet unless you decline for them.  We've seen great hospitality these passed two weeks--now let's put on an even better meet!  We want the BEST Snack Bar in the league, and the MOST EFFICIENTLY run meet in the league!  Easy to do since we start with the BEST volunteers in the league!