NEWS for Week of May 21st - May 25th

It's that week in the season...the one where swimmers say, "Awww," and overworked parents and volunteers say, "Ahh".   No swim meet this Saturday.  In this week's NEWS we wrap up the Scott Valley meet, announce a small change in Lap-a-thon winner announcement timing, and begin planning for our VERY IMPORTANT entry into the Corte Madera/Larkspur 4th of July parade.  No meet this weekend, so why not get ahead on next Saturday's meet, especially if you will be away this weekend.  This Friday marks the end of Terrific Twenty Session 2. practice on Monday, Memorial Day.  Rest up!

Wrap Up of Scott Valley at Waves Meet

And we have now shared the excitement of our first home dual meet of the season!    Our volunteers were top-notch, and we ran one of the best meets ever!  Thank you to all who volunteered!  Still, our exceptional hosting was not enough to keep the Sea Serpents from outscoring us on Saturday.  We can, however, be proud of once again out-improving our opponent by a considerable margin with 42% of our swims resulting in best times compared to 32% of their swims.  Shout outs go to our 8 & Under boys, and our15-18 age group who also pulled of point victories!     

Please click here to see complete   Meet Results.  Click here to see a complete report of our team's  Best Times.  And, last but certainly not least, check out our list of swimmers who have already recorded  All Star Qualifying Times.  The league's  Top 20 Report, is also posted and it continues to get more competitive to stay on it! 

Lap-a-thon Wrap Up:  Update

We're going to wait until the end of the week to conclude our fundraising efforts for this season.  It's been a great effort and we are nearly at our budgeted financial goal of $18, if anyone hasn't had a chance to donate, or is still collecting pledged funds, please get them in by Friday of this week.  Announcements for final winners of coach of the day, and most pledges received will be made in next week's news.  Stay tuned!

 4th of July Parade Planning:  June 3rd 1:30 - 4:00pm

Hey Tidalwaves-this year's parade and float committee is starting to organize early in order to bring home the gold with our Larkspur-Corte Madera parade entry on the fourth of July. 

No pressure here team, but we have WON the last 2 years in a row, and if you've been to the parade, you kind of know, our COMMUNITY of Parade go-ers NEEDS US!  We have definitely upped the ante for this community treat, and we want to continue to raise the bar!  Who knows, maybe baseball will even start to be more creative than kids in the back of many pick ups...we parade go-ers can only hope...and BE CREATIVE ourselves! 

On Sunday June 3rd at 1:30pm we are going to have a kickoff and design meeting for the Tidalwaves parade entry.  We invite ALL swimmers age 9 and up and their parents who have an interest in float design and dance/choreography (dancers AND gymnasts WANTED!) to join us to start working on our entry.  Please sign up here for the meeting.  Those who plan get first priority for riding on the float!  Please bring your enthusiasm and ideas!  First prize comes with community bragging rights!  And um, no, there are no volunteer points for this parents...just bragging rights and FUN, FUN, FUN!! 

Kids under 9, not to fear -- you will be able to participate in the parade and on the float if you'd like. The kickoff event location will be "Casa de Kawamura"  address to be sent out once people sign up.  Thank you to our veteran Parade Float lead Jane Fielding for leading this event!

Details on Entries for Meet at Novato- SATURDAY, June 2nd

The Touchpad meet for the June 2nd meet at and against the Novato Riptide is on our website.    Click here to see the event details and to log stroke choices and meet declines.    Just as we did for last week, all swimmers have been 'Committed' to the meet. If you need to Decline the Meet for your swimmer(s), please log into your account, click on the Novato meet, and Edit your commitment.  If you need help let me know. 

Additionally, if your child has specific stroke choices, please indicate those by scrolling down to the events and clicking on the checkbox next to the strokes.  Please remember that for dual meets swimmers can swim up to, and no more than 3, individual events.  Coach Marie considers all swimmer requests seriously when setting up the meet, but will always need to balance requests with what is best for the team. 

The FINAL DEADLINE FOR RECORDING ENTRIES AND MEET DECLINES IS next WEDNESDAY at 9:00am Please make your entries before then.  Also, please, please remember to leave notes for late arrivals and early departures.  This information is vital for creating viable relay teams.  We know that parents often underestimate their swimmer's speed and are taken off guard when they see their child has made a relay can happen at any time!  Please let us know if your child will not be available.  It is very disappointing for the kids who stay for the final relay and then can't swim because someone went home early.