2018 SWAC Spring Splash Meet Recap!

2018 SWAC Spring Splash Invitational Meet Recap


Swimmers of the Meet


Exploration I-Drake Steffy

Drake is brand new to swimming and the SWAC meet was his first swim meet EVER! Drake swam all of his events without hesitation and did GREAT! He works hard in practice and has a great attitude towards learning new skills. Great job Drake!


Exploration II-Nia Byers

Nia loves to work hard in practice and it paid off this weekend. She swam the 100 Butterfly for the first time and, not only did it without complaint but she was also LEGAL the whole time. Nia you are doing absolutely great, keep up the hard work!


Green-Bernie Leal Sierra

Bernie has been working so hard the past year, and has almost perfect practice attendance. Bernie dropped more than a combined total of two minutes this weekend! I'm so excited to see all the improvements Bernie will continue to make this season. Keep up the hard work!


Yellow-Lauren Harris

Lauren gives 100% at every practice.  She is amazing at making any stroke changes when asked by her coaches.  She dropped over 102 seconds at the SWAC meet.  Her hard work and determination is paying off.  Great Job, Lauren!


Red-Noah Welter

Noah had 100% lifetime bests, dropped over 117 seconds and earned 4 Age Group State cuts in 200 IM, 50 Butterfly, 100 Butterfly and 100 breast.  Noah began this long course season with a strong commitment to do his best at practices, become a leader in the Red training group and work towards his goals of achieving AGS and Zone cuts, and he is off to a great start!  I am very proud of this student-athlete for his work in and out of the pool.  Congratulations, Noah and keep it up!


Blue-Hailey Todd

Since the start of the spring season Hailey has made very positive changes in her work ethic which has elevated her swimming performances during this past weekend's meet.  She was the Blue group's number one total time drop, and really showed how hard work can have a significant impact on meet performance.  Keep up the great work Hailey!


Senior-Cora Walrond

Cora has had to work to overcome more challenges and obstacles than just about any other athlete on our team.  Most recently, she had to miss 2 weeks of training, and limit intensity levels for another week-plus, following a serious medical procedure.  Despite these challenges, Cora remains one of the hardest working, most committed swimmers on our team, and maintains a great attitude and enthusiasm.  The SWAC meet was a great chance for Cora to show off how far she’s come, as she went 100% lifetime bests, including a drop of 9 seconds in the 400 Freestyle.  Her success in the Freestyle, Backstroke, and IM events showed how hard she’s been working to improve her “off” strokes, and put her in a great position moving forward into summer training.


National Focus-Zach Zishka

Zach brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to the pool.  He is as good as any swimmer we have at attacking each event as if it’s his most important swim of the season.  This paid off at the SWAC meet as he was able to achieve 100% lifetime bests despite swimming all “off” events.  Zach placed in the top 10 in all of his swims, was inside the top 4 in 4 of them, and dropped a huge amount of time over the weekend.  Zach’s commitment to all strokes and events will really benefit him as we transition into long course season.


100% Lifetime Bests

Malika Ahmad, Alex Birkle, Lily Burns, Nia Byers, Jack Cater, Romeo Ceballos, Callie Civiletto, Henry Collins, Calob Cope, Haley Crawford, Shelby Crist, Bailey Forsyth, Sam Frank, Carson Gass, Keaton Gass, Ivy Gleason, Kaelyn Godfrey, Macy Gray,  Grant Hibiske, Chloi Harper, Lauren Harris, Norah Hassan, Allie Heine, Lilly Heine, Isaac Heller, Thomas Hill, Liliana Hollandsworth, Chloe Hunter, Daniel Jones, Sonny Katzel, Kyndall Kearns,  Cooper Knoblauch, Emery Knoblauch, Tate Knoblauch, Lucy Kramer, Natalie Kramer, Bernardo Leal Sierra, Everett Loney, Daniel Lopez Hayden Lynam Macartney Mahler, Grady Mathieson, Elijah McCracken, Eryn Mclaughlin, Wyatt Metzger, Jordan Minnick, Brianna Moore, Ben Morton, Ethan Nichter, Aubrey North, Justin Offutt, Anna Poswinski, Kaylynne Pressler Avi Raj, Alicia Risley, Leah Risley, Noah Sackett, Jason Starodub, Ella Sackett, Leona Sackett, Nathan Sackett Owen Sackett, Hayden Shurtz, Rohen Sievers, Addison Smith, Harrison Smith, Haylea Sorrell, Grace Steffan, Drake Steffy, Maggie Steward, Julia Strait, Eden Taylor, Aiden Terman, Hailey Todd, Allison Tonsil, Jace Trevino, Xander Tuttle, Noah Van Zuidam, Amelia Villaruz, Colin Walrond, Dylan Wong, Jaden Wong, Blake Waldo, Braydon Waldo, Cora Walrond, Noah Welter, Madison Wisel, Zach Zishka, Ben Lopez


All-But-1 Lifetime Bests  

Ryan Branscome, Jackson Burke, Isabelle Bradford, Aaron Lazoff, Kaylee Oberlin, Ishan Ramrakhiani, Lilah Van Zuidam, Drew Weiland


Top 10 Total Time Dropped

Addison Smith-250.12 seconds

Benardo Leal Sierra-129.20 seconds

Noah Welter-117.89 seconds

Hailey Todd-112.29 seconds

Harrison Smith-107.98 seconds

Aaron Lazoff-106.35 seconds

Allison Heine-105.30 seconds

Lauren Harris-102.13 seconds

Kyndall Kearns-97.38 seconds

Colin Walrond-94.79 seconds


SWAC Event Winners

Audrey Crowel 13&14 100 Butterfly, 100 Freestyle, 200 Butterfly, 200 Freestyle, 200 IM

Adrianna Germann 11&12 200 Butterfly, 200 IM

Grant Hibiske 9&10 50 Backstroke

Chloi Harper 9&10 100 Breaststroke

Lilian Kaiser 15&Over 100 Backstroke, 200 Backstroke

Tate Knoblauch 8&Under 200 Freestyle, 200 IM

Sydney Koehrn 11&12 400 Freestyle

Cameron Luarde 15&Over 100 Breaststroke, 200 Breaststroke, 200 Butterfly

Eryn McLaughlin 11&12 200 Backstroke,

Ripley Merritt 11&12 100 Backstroke, 100 Breaststroke, 100 Butterfly, 200 Breaststroke, 200 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke

Ben Morton 11&12 50 Backstroke, 50 Breaststroke, 50 Freestyle

Julian Norman 15&Over 100 Butterfly, 100 Freestyle, 200 IM, 400 Freestyle

Logan Poswinski 9&10 100 Breaststroke, 100 Butterfly, 200 Breaststroke, 200 Freestyle, 200 IM,

50 Breaststroke

Maggie Stock 15&Over 100 Butterfly, 200 Freestyle, 200 IM, 50 Freestyle

Kyra Tonsil-13&14 50 Freestyle

Lilah Van Zuidam 8&Under 100 Butterfly

Noah Van Zuidam 11&12 50 Butterfly

Halle Weaver 13&14 200 Breaststroke

Noah Welter 11&12 100 Butterfly