NEWS for Week of May 29th - June 2nd

Welcome Back! Hopefully the long weekend has rejuvenated all of us and given us the strength to get through the final push of the school year as well as the back half of the very exciting swim season!  In this week's NEWS we have a note from Coach Marie, announce the Lap-a-thon Coaches of the Day and other winners, Terrific Twenty Winners, an opportunity for make-up pictures this week, Bowling Night, and Remind everyone it is time to declare strokes, leave notes, or decline this Saturday's AWAY meet against Novato Riptide!  Head down folks, the year end race is nowhere near done!

Note from Coach Marie - Ride the Wave

It's time to ride the developing swell!  On Wednesday we will honor and award our incredibly dedicated Session #2 Terrific Twenty winners...these swimmers are reaping benefits of fitness, dedication, improvement, and time drops as they put in the effort to make themselves and our team better swimmers!  Congratulations to:

Swimmer Practice Group
Ciara Dooley 8 & Under Blue
Fiona Dooley 8 & Under Blue
Allison Favaloro 8 & Under Blue
Charlotte Blevins 8 & Under Blue
Lyla Facas 8 & Under Blue
Tanvi Prithviraj 8 & Under Blue
Finotta Braun 8 & Under Gold
Jonathon Schulter 8 & Under Gold
Elizabeth Gartin 9 - 10 Blue
Siena Forster 9-10 Blue
Luke Esslinger 9 - 10 Gold
Maeve Tran 9 - 10 Gold
Gabriella Grow 9 - 10 Gold
Kate Morgan 9 - 10 Gold
Ava Pellumbi 9 - 10 Gold
Rebecca Duran 9 - 10 Gold
Alexander Rubio Early 11 +'s
Sara Jordan 11 & Up
Teymur Fatullayev 11 & Up

This Saturday we will meet in Novato to swim the Riptides.  (Please log your strokes, notes, and declines below).  Tidalwaves rock riptides!  We are expecting that the extra week of practice, together with a weekend of rest (we hope!) will combine to bring us many more BEST times and many more All-Star times!  Our goal is to make at least 40 All-Star least 8 more to go, and two more meets to qualify for this June 10th meet at IVC!

After the meet we look forward to our annual Coaches and Swimmers BOWLING NIGHT!  Yes, on June 2nd, our swimmers ages 8-18 are invited to come bowl with the coaches for FREE!  See details below, but don't miss out.  This is something coaches and swimmers look forward to!

Next Wednesday, June 6th, our Lap-a-thon Coaches for the Day winners make up a workout and coach their practice group...names below.  It is so much fun to watch these prospective future coaches in action!!  Our coaches greatly appreciate the effort that goes in to fundraising for your team.  Thank you all for your efforts!

Our Champs meet is only 4 plus weeks quicky time goes.  REMEMBER everyone can and should participate in this meet!  We have amped up our practices with race pace sets, hit the time, and hero swims!  Our Medley Mania Monday is a love to hate day.  It's really impressive to watch our swimmers pushing themselves above and beyond!!!  This is the beauty of the opportunity this sport provides.  Hang ten swimmers!

Lap-a-thon Coach of the Day WINNERS!

We are stoked, tubed, and overwhelmed by the Tidalwave of effort put into our Lap-A-Thon by our volunteers, swimmers, and donors!  W raised  $19,459  to help support our team!  This money goes toward the extra coaching and pool time that our team has asked for and benefitted from these past few years as well as to scholarships and new equipment.  We are again, grateful for and humbled by the generosity of our community and would like to especially recognize the below swimmers and their families who through their fundraising efforts have won the covetted " Coach of the Day " title.  They will serve in this capacity at practice on  June 6th ! Thank you to the following winners by practice group:

Swimmer Practice Group Amount
Kieran Mahon 8 & U Blue - Redwood $ 480
Allison Favaloro 8 & U Blue - Redwood $ 200
Vera Song 8 & U - COM $ 860
Lola Babb 8 & U - COM $ 440
Ava Babb 8 & Under Gold $ 440
Jack O'Brien 8 & Under Gold $ 200
Jordi Green 9 - 10 Blue $ 1,196
Kinsey Schafer 9 - 10 Blue $ 580
Izzy Babb 9 - 10 Gold $ 440
Mari Kawamura 9 - 10 Gold $ 355
Molly Goldstein Early 11+'s $ 170
Isaac Trumball-Stearns Early 11 +'s $ 150
Claire Clark 11 & Ups $ 832
Sara Jordan 11 & Ups $ 180
Devin Bosley High School $ 500
Megan Bosley High School $ 500

Additionally, the winner of the most donations collected goes to Asher Goldwasser (8 & Under Gold) with 13 donations! 

Make Up Picture Opportunity:  Thursday, May 31st 4:00 - 5:30pm

 Wishing you had made it to the May 19th meet so that you could have had your swimmers' pictures taken?  What's that?  You were there but got sidetracked watching all the races?  This is your lucky week!  There will be a make up picture opportunity at Redwood Thursday this week from 4:00 - 5:30pm.  No other make up opportunitites are available, so if grandma really wants that picture, make it there on Thursday!

REMINDER:  Declare Strokes, Notes, and Declines by WEDNESDAY, 9:00 am

The Touchpad meet for the June 2nd meet at and against the Novato Riptide is on our website.    Click here to see the event details and to log stroke choices and meet declines.    Just as we did for last week, all swimmers have been 'Committed' to the meet. If you need to Decline the Meet for your swimmer(s), please log into your account, click on the Novato meet, and Edit your commitment.  If you need help let me know. 

Additionally, if your child has specific stroke choices, please indicate those by scrolling down to the events and clicking on the checkbox next to the strokes.  Please remember that for dual meets swimmers can swim up to, and no more than 3, individual events.  Coach Marie considers all swimmer requests seriously when setting up the meet, but will always need to balance requests with what is best for the team. 

The FINAL DEADLINE FOR RECORDING ENTRIES AND MEET DECLINES IS TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY at 9:00am Please make your entries before then.  Also, please, please remember to leave notes for late arrivals and early departures.  This information is vital for creating viable relay teams.  We know that parents often underestimate their swimmer's speed and are taken off guard when they see their child has made a relay can happen at any time!  Please let us know if your child will not be available.  It is very disappointing for the kids who stay for the final relay and then can't swim because someone went home early.

Details on Bowling Night, June 2nd:  6:00 - 8:00pm Swimmers Ages 8 & Up

Boy this is a long e-mail!  Details on Bowling Night can be found by clicking here...more details will be provided on Thursday.