Hot Days and Fast Swim at Stockon Meet

We had two beautiful days at the Stockton C/B/BB meet this past weekend.  Our swimmers swam great with lots of best times and great effort. 


Coach Paschalis:

A few good performances took part this past week in Stockton from swimmers from both groups.

From Age Group 2 was Samvit Bhattacharya for his 50 meters backstroke for the 10 and under years old with the one of 51:06. Samvit had a very energetic tempo that kept for the whole distance.

From Age Group 3 was Natalie Chan for her 100 meters butterfly for the 10 and under years old, also with the time of 1:33.80. Natalie has improved a lot on her strokes and showed that in this meet with the time improvement in all of her races. 

Very nice for everyone.


Coach Audra:

It was a beautiful weekend in Stockton with only a handful of swimmers from my groups. Jamie Vigilia competed in the 50 backstroke and did a great job. Her stroke looked more controlled and she dropped time. Penny Moore improved her 100 free and probably will drop even more time at the next swim meet because of her focus and effort at practice. Everyone had nice swims. We continually work on balance and technique in hopes we maintain it throughout the race. Let’s practice smart and hard so the races will be fast!


Coach Larry:

Age Group 1 continues to do a great job at swim meets.  They had a great attitude and race really well in all of their swims.  Gabby Alojado and Adrian Galamay both swsm in their first long course meet and did great.  Lucas Nguyen had two races and two best times. 

The Pre-Senior group continues to improve and work towards their goals.  Persistence can defeat any challenge and these swimmers have been incredibly persistence in pursuit of their goals.  Eamon Helding had an amazing 200 IM that was aggressive and well paced.  He challenged himself while swimming a smart race.  That combination of aggressiveness but not going crazy is what we are striving for.


Coach Andy:

Swim meets are very enjoyable when the weather is pleasant and the swimmers are so into learning and growing from each event they are swimming.

SR Development

Shama Saleem new SR Open time in the 50 Free

Jodie Ma 4 of 5 Life Time Best (LTB) and a new SR Open time in the 50 Free

Keya Vaidya 6 of 7 swims LTB

Lisa Zhao SR Open time in the 100 Fly

Max Marley broke 1 minute in the 100 meter Free with a 59.71

Kyle Tseng 3 of 4 LTB and SR 2 time in the 400 Free

Rachel Raiyani 7 of 8 LTB


Siya Sharma 4 of 4 LTB

Paul Maasrani 7 of 8 LTB

Rohan Marde 3 of 4 LTB

Advait Madhekar 7 of 8 LTB

Kira Piggott, Advait Darbare and Tyler Putzlacher had great swims and had their first adventure at long course swimming.