NEWS for Week of June 18th - June 23rd

Hard to believe, but we are heading into the last five yards of our season, team!  We've got a special edition of NEWS coming out, hopefully later today or possibly tomorrow to address EVERYTHING you need to know about the June 30th Champs meet, especially comitting TO IT and volunteering FOR IT, and a preliminary look at our Waterdog candidates.  We should also have more info on the 4th of July parade, and all the ways to get involved with this community event--that we plan to win again!       

In this issue, we wrap up the Terra Linda meet, ask you to choose strokes and leave notes for our FINAL dual HOME meet on Saturday, and announce and ask for RSVP's for the crown jewel of the season, the July 3rd NO LANE LINES pool party and potluck!  Read on... 

Terra Linda Meet Wrap Up

This was a tough meet week all around the Marin Swim League, as the post All-Star week, end of school crunch/party/fatigue contributed to far fewer best times all over the league, not just at our meet.  We did 'outimprove' our weekend rival, the Terra Linda Orcas this week, 24% to 18%, even if our point victories were limited to our 8 & Under and our 11-12 age groups.  Still, impressive effort by all our swimmers to rally through the fatigue!  Click here for the final results.  Click here to see our list of All Star qualifiers, yes, we do continue to update even after the meet, and click here to see our team's improvement for the day.  All around a ton of fun, despite the intense wind that almost blew our computer team off the deck!  The MSL Top 20 Report results are also available.

July 3rd Pool Party and Potluck!

No lane lines, lots of BIG FLOAT TOYS, coaches, games, and OVER $600 in COINS to dive for!  Is there a better reason to reschedule that family vacation so you can attend?  This one is a Tidalwaves staple...and one that returning swimmers re-join the team for!  We do need RSVP's so that we can order the right amount of food for the picnic part of the event (delicious potluck of side dishes is old school, but definitely kicks the event up a notch!)  RSVP by July 1st--on this sign up genius ...we usually have about 175 people for this 'can't miss it' event, so please sign up to bring something if you are coming!     Click here for more event details.  Tadpole graduates welcome!

Details for LAST HOME meet against SwiMarin

The Touchpad meet for the June 23rd HOME MEET against the SwiMarin Sharks is on our website.  All swimmers have been 'Committed' to the meet. If you need to Decline the Meet, Leave Notes, or would like to request strokes for your swimmer(s), please log into your account,   click on the  SwiMarin Touchpad meet, and Edit your commitment  If you need assistance with this, please send an e-mail.   

The FINAL DEADLINE FOR RECORDING ENTRIES AND MEET DECLINES IS WEDNESDAY, June 20th at 9:00am Please make your entries as soon as possible. For meet entry questions contact Liz Foley (