CHAMPS Sign Ups and Waterdog Candidates--PLEASE READ!

Champs is June 30th!  Read on for more information on how to COMMIT to participate in this FINAL meet of the 2018 Season!  

What is Champs All About Anyway?

Champs is the last meet of the season, June 30th this year.  It is the Marin Swim League equivalent of the World Championships or the Olympics as ALL ten teams come together to participate in one big swim meet that is as much about team pride as it is about determining which team has the fastest swimmers in each event.  Maximizing participation in this meet is our team goal.  Points are awarded through 16thplace for individual events and through 10th place for relays so the dynamics of this meet are very different from the dual meets.  Every swimmer is important to their team.  The competition at this meet is as much about the commitment of the team as it is about the talent of the swimmers

To be eligible to swim in the Championship meet, a swimmer must have swum in at least two dual meets. There are, however, no qualifying times.  EVERYONE CAN AND SHOULD SWIM IN THIS MEET!

Champs Meet COMMITS and Stroke Choices:  Deadline June 26 (or earlier)

Please click here to go to the Touchpad meet for Champs.  Unlike all other meets this season, ALL swimmers have NOT been COMMITTED to the meet.  If your child is planning to swim, WE NEED YOU TO COMMIT YOUR CHILD(REN). 

Stroke choices for this meet can be and should be recorded the same as any other meet.  What the heck, its the last meet of the season, encourage your kids to let coach Marie know what they want to swim by clicking it for us!  Deadline for stroke choices and meet COMMITS is June 26th at 9:00 am (earlier if your swimmer is a Waterdog Candidate--see below).  It's a big meet and it takes a lot of time to pull all the entries together.

The Touchpad meet description has a GREAT Overview of the meet and how it is structured into 4 smaller meets to keep things moving quickly.  It is truly the MOST EXCITING and FUN meets your kids will attend this season.  With all 10 teams together at once, the kids will feel like they are in the Olympics.  Information packets will be available at the bottom of the meet info page SOON.

For those with young ones who are intimidated by the early warm-up time and are leaning toward not going to the meet, while not encouraged, skipping warm-ups is an option if that is all that is stopping you!  Consider it!

Champs Volunteer Sign Ups Needed (and REQUIRED)

Every family is required to volunteer if you have a swimmer swimming in the meet--even if your family has fulfilled its Tidalwaves 18 point requirement.  This meet is a lot of fun, and the sense of community that comes from working side by side with all ten teams in the league to put it on is inspiring as well as just impressive!  Jobs assigned to Tidalwaves and available for sign up on this google docPlease be sure to sign up under the TW our Champs volunteer coordinator, Adrienne Brown ( if you are having any trouble, she will be happy to help!

Congratulations to These Waterdog Candidates!  Please review for Accuracy

Speaking of Champs and team commitment, we would like to ask you to review the below list of swimmers who have attended every dual meet so far this season AND INTEND to swim at SwiMarin.  We are so very inspired by, grateful for, and appreciative of the team spirit of these swimmers that we will be acknowleging them with a special T-shirt with all these names on the back at our Awards Banquet.  

SWIMMERS WHO DO NOT swim AT CHAMPS will not have their name on the T-shirt and will not receive one.  These really are a symbol of team dedication.  As explained above, this year we are requiring everyone who plans to swim at Champs to COMMIT their swimmer to the meet.  To reduce No Shows at this large meet, we WILL NOT PRE-COMMIT any swimmer.   Please click here to go the Champs meet and COMMIT your swimmer ( s).   As we need to get the Waterdog list to our T-shirt designer by NOON on Monday, June 25th, we need you to COMMIT by then if your child is a waterdog candidate.

If you believe your child's name has been left off of this list accidentally or has been added when it shouldn't be, please e-mail Liz Foley, by hitting reply.  Sizes were collected at the time of registration.  If your child has grown or you would like a different size, please e-mail Liz Foley by NOON Monday, June 25th!  These names need to go to print by End of Day, Monday.

Names in yellow are Waterdog candidates.  Names in red have missed one meet by our records.  Names not listed have missed more than one meet.

Name Preferred Name Shirt Size Missing Meet
Atherton, Alexander (Boy 8) Alex Youth Medium  
Blevins, Charlotte (Girl 7)   Youth Large  
Boggs, Emery (Girl 6)   Youth Medium  
Bosley, Devin (Girl 15)   M  
Bosley, Megan (Girl 17)   M  
Bourdon, Ava (Girl 9)   Youth Medium  
Braun, Finotta (Girl 8)   Youth Medium  
DeForrest, Charlotte (Girl 14)   S  
DeForrest, Kate (Girl 12)   S  
DeForrest, Nolan (Boy 10)   Youth Large  
Dewar, Cameron (Boy 6)   S  
Dooley, Ciara (Girl 8)   Youth Small  
Dooley, Fiona (Girl 6)   Youth Small  
Fargo, Liv (Girl 8)   Youth Large  
Fitzgerald, John (Boy 6) Jack Youth Small  
Forster, Siena (Girl 9)   Youth Medium  
Gartin, Elizabeth (Girl 10) Lizzy M  
Gartin, Thomas (Boy 8)   Youth Large  
Goldberg, Sawyer (Boy 11)   XL  
Grow, Gabriella (Girl 10)   XS  
Harper, Ella (Girl 13)   M  
Harper, Evelyn (Girl 10)   S  
Harrison, Lachlan (Boy 6)   Youth Medium  
Hedrick, Bailey (Girl 8)   S  
Hersh, Katerina (Girl 8)   Youth Small  
Hirschbein, Hannah (Girl 9)   Youth Medium  
Hirschbein, Margaux (Girl 8)   Youth Small  
Jordan, Sara (Girl 11)   Youth Large  
Kawamura, Caitlin (Girl 15)   M  
Kawamura, Mari (Girl 9)   Youth Medium  
Krawitt, Rhett (Boy 10)   Youth Large  
Lawlor, Lauren (Girl 13)   Youth Large  
Lawlor, Natalie (Girl 10)   Youth Large  
Lemus, Emily (Girl 14)   M  
Lepyansky, Eliza (Girl 12)   Youth Large  
Letts, Sophia (Girl 12)   Youth Large  
Levsky, Victor (Boy 8)   Youth Medium  
Levsky, Zack (Boy 6)   Youth Medium  
Losee, Alex (Boy 12)   Youth Large  
Mahon, Kieran (Boy 6)   Youth Small  
Manning, Jillian (Girl 12)   S  
Marshall, Tessa (Girl 10)   Youth Medium  
McCaw, Cassidy (Girl 12)   Large  
McGee, Sally (Girl 8)   Youth Small  
McInnes, Kaitlin (Girl 6)   Youth Medium  
Morgan, Katelyn (Girl 10)   Youth Medium  
O'brien, Jack (Boy 8)   Youth Small  
Priahin, Andrey (Boy 15)   M  
Priahin, Vladimir (Boy 15)   M  
Quinn, Tudor (Boy 12)   M  
Roth, Daisy (Girl 8)   Youth Medium  
Roth, Julian (Boy 10)   Youth Medium  
Sachs, Eloise (Girl 9)   Youth Medium  
San Andres, Aliyah (Girl 13)   M  
Schaefer, Mireille (Girl 12)   M  
Scheer, Adam (Boy 8)   Youth Medium  
Schneiter, Rex (Boy 7)   Youth Small  
Schneiter, Talia (Girl 8)   Youth Small  
Taylor, Sophia (Girl 9)   Youth Large  
Templeton, Josie (Girl 11)   Youth Large  
Walsh, Libby (Girl 14)   M  
Zamzow, Aiden (Boy 7)   Youth Medium  
Lee, Henry (Boy 9)     Champs
Brown, Gordon (Boy 8)     Sleepy Hollow
Bundy, Maximilian (Boy 14)     Marinwood
Burke, Matthew (Boy 10)     Scott Valley
Cassidy, Katelyn (Girl 9)   Youth Small No Champs
chen, jialiang (Girl 8)     Novato
Cochran, Rebecca (Girl 14)     Marinwood
Cullerton, Kellan (Boy 6)     Rolling Hills
Cullerton, Tessa (Girl 6)     Rolling Hills
Cussen, Morgan (Girl 5)   Youth Medium No Champs
Doucette, Miles (Boy 12)     Novato
DeVilbiss, Aurora (Girl 9)   Youth Large No Champs
DeVilbiss, Caitlyn (Girl 6)   Youth Small No Champs
Dodds, Ian (Boy 14)   Large No Champs
Eaton, Harper (Girl 10)     Novato
Egan, Callie (Girl 7)     SwiMarin
Elegant, Alice (Girl 11)     SwiMarin
Ewart, Cameron (Girl 8)   Youth Medium No Champs
Facas, Lyla (Girl 7)   Youth Small No Champs
Fatullayev, Teymur (Boy 13)     Sleepy Hollow
Fielding, Keelee (Girl 10)     Terra Linda
Fielding, Patricia (Girl 10)     Terra Linda
Goldstein, Annie (Girl 13)     SwiMarin
Hawthorne, Stella (Girl 14)     Scott Valley
Holst, Samuel (Boy 10)     SwiMarin
Holles, Tessa (Girl 8)   Youth Large No Champs
Josephian, Stella (Girl 10)     Marinwood
Lee, Katherine (Girl 8)     Champs
Leighton, Elaina (Girl 9)     Rolling Hills
Letts, Olivia (Girl 14)     Terra Linda
Levi, Alessandra (Girl 8)   Youth Large No Champs
Malone, Owen (Boy 10)     Terra Linda
Marte, Christiani (Girl 12)     Novato
Morozoff, Julian (Boy 8)   Youth Medium No SwiMarin
Masterson, Kate (Girl 17)     Novato
McCandless, Mason (Boy 8)     Rolling Hills
McCaw, Julian (Boy 7)     Scott Valley
McCaw, Liam (Boy 10)     Scott Valley
Mills, Charles (Boy 13)     Terra Linda
Mills, William (Boy 8)     Terra Linda
Mueller, Amanda (Girl 12)     Champs
Mueller, Benjamin (Boy 10)     Champs
O'Dell, Ian (Boy 9)     Terra Linda
O'Dell, William (Boy 12)     Terra Linda
Orson, Giselle (Girl 10)     Novato
Parrish, Madison (Girl 11)     Terra Linda
Pasha, Owen (Boy 10)     Novato
Philkill, Charlotte (Girl 11)     Scott Valley
Pulido, William  (Boy 8)     Sleepy Hollow
Quinn, Tibi (Boy 15)     No Champs
Ritola, Hannah (Girl 12)     Scott Valley
Rubio, Alexander (Boy 15)     No Champs
St John, Julia (Girl 11)     Terra Linda
Steers, Henry (Boy 6)     Marinwood
Steers, Thomas (Boy 8)     Marinwood
Summers, Cole (Boy 15)     SwiMarin
Sunshine, Lulu (Girl 14)     Terra Linda
Waldinger, Josephine (Girl 8)     Sleepy Hollow
Walsh, Magaret (Girl 10)     Marinwood
Walter, River (Boy 7)     Scott Valley
Weisel, Andrew (Boy 6)     Champs
Willian, Mia (Girl 8)     Novato
Wolfers, Ruby (Girl 14)     SwiMarin