Final Notes Before Last Dual Meet, CHAMPS AND 4th of July Parade Sign Up

This edition of the Final Notes covers BOTH the final home meet against SwiMarin on Saturday and MORE INFO on the 4th of July events AND A REMINDER TO COMMIT TO CHAMPS, especially for our waterdog candidates.  Please read it ALL...the season is rapidly coming to an end (sniff, sniff).  The online registration for the Awards Banquet will come out on Monday...I'm struggling to tread water these always, pun intended!

CHAMPS COMMITS are Due by NOON June 25th for Waterdog Candidates

The early Champs date this year means we're doing a lot of things in a shorter time period.  WE WANT EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE IN CHAMPS!  Please READ the Champs e-mail that went out on Monday to understand this meet better, and what is required for your child to participate...that is, your timely commitment to the meet (we don't precomit for this one), and your volunteer sign up.  Meeting the June 25th commitment date is especially important for those of you with waterdog candidates.  If you don't commit and sign up to volunteer at Champs by NOON June 25th, your child's name will be left off of the Waterdog shirt.  Declines for this meet are also appreciated, just for clarity.  Thanks.

 4th of July Parade:  Still Lots of Opportunitites for Swimmers to Get Involved!

This year's 4th of July Parade entry will not only have an award winning Tidalwaves float, but also music, and NEW THIS YEAR a crowd wowing, especially clever "walking pool" and also a 1 minute show for the judges (and maybe even parade route viewers!). A group of swimmers will be working to practice their routine that promises not only to impress but also be a lot of fun!  If your swimmer wants to be in the dance, our performers will be practicing at Redwood Saturday at 2:30, right at the conclusion of the meet. Our leads, Jillian Manning, Gabriella Grow, and Kate Morgan will be teaching anyone who signs up to perform. Check out the sign up genius to see all the ways YOU and/or YOUR SWIMMERs can get involved!


Don't Miss the Pool Party:  July 3rd 3:30pm -6:30pm

Pool Party is for all kids (adults if accompanying a younger sibling).  Tons of float toys, games and free play, no lane lines, and the infamous Coaches Coin Dive!!  Over $600 in coin to be scavenged by our well trained swimmers and divers.  Don't forget a good sized sock to store your scavenged booty haul--and of course goggles!   

Pool play fun goes from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, and then we'll eat!  RSVP by July 1st--on this sign up genius.  Everyone coming should bring something to go with the Tidalwaves provided main dish! 


Heat Sheets and Relays

Please click here to find the heat sheets for the meet along with that all important Heat/Lane Report by Swimmer (all girls listed first alpabetically by last name, then boys).  Additionally, please review the relay teams carefully.  Also note that relays appear on the Heat/Lane report as well and the number next to the Heat and Lane represents the swimmers position on the team...i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.  

What do Relay Swimmers Need to Know?

While we did our best to try and figure out notes, it is entirely possible that your child has been placed in a relay that s/he will not be able to make.  If this is the case, PLEASE notify our head Age Group Coordinator, (this week it is Kathy Slaught ( ASAP so that she may begin working with coach Marie to find a replacement.  If your child is scheduled to swim in a relay and does not show, it is disappointing to all the kids on their team, as well as the Age Group Coordinators that work very hard to make our relay experiences good for all the kids.