2018 FAST Summer Jam Meet Recap!

2018 FAST Summer Jam Invitational


Last weekend SWAC sent 60 athletes down to Fishers for the annual Summer Jam Invitational.  It was a very competitive meet featuring teams from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin; but our swimmers were up for the challenge and we walked away as the top visiting team in the Men’s, Women’s, AND Combined team scores!  Just as importantly as the scores, our athletes did a fantastic job of supporting one another throughout the entire weekend.

This was another great weekend in our long course season, and we’re looking forward to keeping the momentum going over the next month-plus!


Swimmers of the Meet


Exploration II-Kaelyn Godfrey

Kaelyn signed up for several new events and came to the meet a little nervous, however, she got in the pool and did GREAT.  She works hard in practice and is now not afraid to try the tougher events. Keep working hard and pushing yourself Kaelyn, you're doing great!


Yellow-Hayden Lynam

Hayden is a very hard worker in and out of the pool.  At the Fisher's swim meet, he swam his first long course prelim/final meet and qualified for final swims in all his events.  He was able to drop just over 26 seconds.  I'm excited to see what the future holds for him.  Way to Go, Hayden!


Blue-Jillian Lynam

Jillian stepped up to the challenge of a prelim/finals meet, and was able to swim lifetime best times in her preliminary swims for every race she was entered.  After swimming a lifetime best time in the morning, Jillian was able to swim the race again in finals and drop even more time in every event.  Not only did Jillian have 100% lifetime best swims, she was able to be the number one total time dropped for the SWAC Team.  Her performance at this meet was due to her hard work at every swim practice that she attends.  Jillian is an example for every Blue Group swimmer on how hard work can help reach the goals that have been set. 


Senior-Kendal Sagear

Kendal has been a great member and leader of the Senior group for the past few years, and the FAST meet was another opportunity for her to show just how far she’s come as an athlete.  Kendal went a perfect 7-for-7, achieving lifetime bests in every event she swam.  Especially impressive were Kendal’s performances in the 400 IM, 200 Backstroke, and 200 Freestyle, because they all fall outside her normal specialty of sprint Freestyle, but she still attacked each one with a great attitude and achieved fantastic results.  I’m excited to see what Kendal can accomplish moving forward with her tremendous commitment and work ethic.


National Focus-Maggie Stock

Maggie is one of the most versatile and consistent swimmers on all of SWAC.  Despite just finishing her freshmen year, she has had to shoulder the pressure of being one of the top swimmers on the team since she moved into NFG, and this weekend was just another chance for her to show that she continues to be up for the challenge.  Maggie went 6-for-7 in lifetime bests (and only missed the 7th by .07 seconds), but just as impressively, she qualified for the top-4 “Super Final” heat in each of her individual events, despite still being at the “bottom” of her age group.  Possibly most impressive was her 200 Backstroke, where she swam a time of 2:24.05 to finish 2nd overall.  The time was a lifetime best by nearly 5 seconds and coupled with her 10-second time drop at the EMU meet last weekend puts her 15 seconds ahead of her previous best from last summer.


100% Lifetime Bests

Alex Birkle, Jack Burke, Shelby Crist, Tucker Edington, Adrianna Germann, Lauren Hans, Liliana Hollandsworth, Sydney Koehrn, Jillian Lynam, Aubrey North, Kendal Sagear, Hayden Shurtz, Hailey Todd, Cora Walrond, Drew Weiland


All-But-1 Lifetime Bests  

Jessica Birkle, Patrick Collins, Kaelyn Godfrey, Michaela Godfrey, Savannah Guadnola, Grant Hibiske, Lauren Harris, Addison Knoblauch, Hayden Lynam, Maggie Steward, Maggie Stock, Colin Walrond, Noah Welter


Top 10 Total Time Dropped

Jillian Lynam-50.62 seconds

Addison Knoblauch-38.62 seconds

Jason Starodub-34.61 seconds

Cora Walrond-32.39 seconds

Kylynn Lynam-31.94 seconds

Savannah Guadnola-31.69 seconds

Michaela Godfrey-28.21 seconds

Hailey Todd-27.04 seconds

Hayden Lynam-26.40 seconds

Drew Weiland-26.01 seconds


SWAC Event Winners

Audrey Crowel: Open 100 Butterfly, 200 Butterfly

Adrianna Germann: 11&12 200 Freestyle

Cameron Luarde: Open 200 Breaststroke

Ripley Merritt: 11&12 100 Backstroke,100 Butterfly, 100 Freestyle, 200 IM, 400 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly, 50 Freestyle

Julian Norman: Open 200 Butterfly, 200 Freestyle, 50 Freestyle

Allison Tonsil: 9&10 200 Freestyle

Kyra Tonsil: 13&14 50 Freestyle

Zach Zishka: Open 200 Backstroke