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Results from Manta Rays at Vineyards Volcanoes

The Manta Rays had 52 swimmers compete against Vineyards Volcanoes (64 kids) on June 25th in an abreviated meet completing 44 of 110 events.

Final score was Manta Rays 351 vs Vineyards Volcanoes 348

Swimmer's times are at this link:           Times

Complet Meet results are at this link:        Results 

Meet Notes:

1.  We won our 2nd meet ever and are currently undefeated this season after 2 league meets.

3.  We won 23 of the 44 events (52%)

4.  The meet started at 7:10pm and was called for storms at 8:30pm (after starting an hour late)

5.  We had one participation ribbon (for a swimmer who had all their events scheduled for 2nd half of meet) and 9 DQs

Thank you to everyone who weathered the storm - Great Job Manta Rays!