REMINDER: Taper Practice Schedule

A reminder for the taper schedule Tuesday - Thursday this week, plus a correction to Friday's previously reported start time:  Spoiler alert--it starts at 4:30 on Friday, not 4:00.

Coach Marie's Taper Practice Schedule Begins Tuesday, June 26th

The TAPER pace/rest,(sharpen/fine-tune skills), begins on Tuesday with a slightly modified schedule and goes through Thursday.  

Practice Group Practice Time
8 & Unders 3:50 - 4:25
9 - 10s 4:25 - 5:10
ALL 11 & Ups 5:10 - 6:10

Friday Is Pre Champs Warm-up, Spirit, and PASTA FEED for CHAMPS Swimmers

Yes, even a different schedule for Friday!  Coaches want the swimmers to be resting up for their big event on Saturday, so the workout is about channeling the excitement into the best race day performance of the season!  This includes coaches pep talks, a brief swim warm-up, decorating cars for the big event, and a PASTA feed for Swimmers only on the grassy area where tent city is usually set up.  Coaches want ALL CHAMPS swimmers at the pool at 4:30pm and home by 6:00pm sharp for early bedtime!  Parents, kids would love to be able to paint the windows of your car for the next day...bring a car if you can.