Clovis Fast for SRVA Senior Group!

Clovis was a great meet for the SRVA Senior Group.  We did some great things.  The times achieved were really fast and the swimmers were really disciplined in their racing skills under the pressure of competition.  Many swimmers took huge drops in time from their entry times.  Compared to their best times one year ago, today, the individual improvements for many swimmers were phenominal.


Dylan Dalal had really big drops in the 100 and 200 Breaststroke. His Final swims were exceptional.

Dylan Smith swam very well in the 100 and 200 Fly and the 400 IM and 400 Free. His Final swims were really good.

Clifford Yao had best times in everything and had a great 100 Brst relay split and a great 200 Breast Final.

Koen Garcia swam really well in the 100 Fly and the 100 Free. finishing both races really well. His Final swims were really good.

Derek Halas had a great meet with really smart and tough swims in the Freestyles and the Breaststokes. His Breastsroke Final and his 800 and 1500 were really good.

Ryan Ly had an amazing 200 Breast Final and really good relay legs.

Logan Wong had a great 100 and 200 Free and was good in everything.

Jonathan Tan had a great meet with huge swims in all Finals

Frankie Fitzpatrick had really good sprint events.  His 100 Free Final was exceptional.

Christopher Guidi had a really good meet.  His 400 Free and 200 Fly Finals were exceptional.

Chaitha Dasari had good swims in the Finals of the 100's; Fly, Back and Free.

Kyle Wong had an exceptional meet for his last 13/14 Meet.  His 50, 100, 200 and 400 Freestyles were really good and will rank really high in Pacific Swimming's Year End Rankings.

Monica Beltran had great swims in the 100 and 200 Backs. Her Final swims were really good.

Annemarie Hancock had great swims in everything this weekend. Her 400 IM Final was the most impressive but everything was really good.

Casey Wakashige had and exceptional 800 the first evening of the meet, dropping close to 10 seconds and showing huge closing speed, exceptional awareness of where everyone in the heat was and the ability to do what was necessary to catch two girls on the last lap who led her by over a body length at the 750 turn.

Caitlin Tan had some really good Final swims.with her 100 Free being the best one hitting a LTB in a nylon suit.

Lillian Cano had some great relay splits and a really good 400 Free.

Audrey Atienza had a great 100 Breast with a big time drop.

Lindsay Ly had a great meet with huge time drops in the 50, 100 and 200 Freestyles.

Giselle Helding had really good 200 and 400 IM Finals as well as best times in the Backstrokes, 100 Fly  and the 400 Free.

All in all, a solid team peformance that showed how far we have come, physically and mentally, as a TEAM.