Fall Swim Schedule AND The Winner Was...

Oh yes, this news is worth one more e-mail even in this time of rest and recovery from the season.  If you're like me you have probably been on pins and needles waiting for the announcement of the winner of the 2018 Corte Madera 4th of July Parade... 

Wait no more! It was indeed the triumphant Tidalwaves who scored a hat trick of sorts, bringing home the 1st Place Overall Winner trophy for the 2018 Larkspur/Corte Madera 4th of July Parade--our 3rd 1st place win in as many years!  We can all be proud of our team win. Indeed, our raising the bar on the quality of floats in the parade will certainly be a win for the broader community of parade watchers for years to come...that is, if we haven't scared away our competition...  

But no 'victory lap e-mail' would be complete without recognizing the many people who made this team win so successful.  The Tidalwaves Board would like to thank the very talented people listed below for all their efforts in building not just a float, but our community as well. 

Management/Facilitation Choreographers
Jane Fielding Jillian Manning
  Gabriella Grow
Design/Construction Kate Morgan
Mark Fielding Mari Kawamura
Joe Lawlor  
Pauline Lui Dancers
Lauren Lawlor Charlotte DeForrest
Natalie Lawlor Gabriella Grow
Elaina Leighton Kate Morgan
Lori Leighton Mari Kawamura
Stella Josephian Adella Frender
Gabriella Grow Tanvi Prithviraj
Kate Morgan Alice Chen
Jillian Manning Patty Fielding
David Leighton Kaitlin McInnes
Jon Kawamura Jillian Manning
Liz Foley Pool Walkers
Patty FIelding Alex Atherton
Keelee Fielding Gabby Levi
Manequin Costuming Jack Schulter
Anne Burke Isiah Soichet
Nolan DeForrest Kate DeForrest
Lachlan Harrison Eleanor Bentley
Jack Fitzgerald Tessa Holles
Katherine Lee Charlotte Blevins
Emma Slaught Stella Josephian
Kathy Slaught Owen Pasha
Nick Johnson Adam Scheer
Sonya DeForrest Liam McCaw
Marie McSweeney Lizzy Gartin
Camelia Negrea Ale Levi
Natalie Lawlor Victor Levsky
Mari Kawamura Parade Music
Lauren Lawlor Lori Leighton
  Float Driver
Friendship Bracelets Norm Slaught
Lori Leighton Honored Parade Guests
  Marie McSweeney
Studio Staging Lisa Wulf
Mark Fielding Jasten Villa Senor
Joe Lawlor Storage
  Kathy and Norm Slaught

In addition to the many, many, many names listed above (and apologies to all I forgot to mention), we also had many, many swimmers and parents come the day of the parade to walk with us, donate and hand out mounds and mounds of candy for the kids to pass out, and many who cheered from the parade route.  What a team!  Way to GOOO WAVES!

Fall Swim Schedule IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Thank you for your patience as we worked through the final details of our Fall Swim offering for the community.  Click here to see the Fall Swim Schedule.  Fall Swim Registration will open on August 10th for Tidalwaves programs, and sometime in August for Pirates programs (they are still working out their final details).  Until then...let's all go dark for a bit and enjoy the memories of the 2018 season with a little calm and a little R & R!