Coaches' Next Background Check Deadline is April 30

Coaches' Next Background Check Deadline is April 30

As part of the Athlete Protection program, USA Swimming has expanded its background check program.  All non-athlete members are required to complete the new background check prior to the end of 2011. Approximately 6000 member coaches and officials have an April 30 deadline for completing the new USA Swimming background check.

The new program is being phased-in over several months.  Three deadlines were established:Feb 15, Apr 30, and Dec 31.  Members impacted by the first deadline were primarily officials and we are pleased to report that, as of March 15, close to 17,000 members have successfully completed the new background check.

The next deadline is April 30 and this deadline primarily impacts coach members. In order to maintain current membership, all non-athlete members with the April 30 deadline must complete the new background check prior to that date. We strongly recommend that members initiate the new background check no later than April 10. Doing so will allow plenty of time to fully complete the process. Normal turnaround time is 3-5 business days, but delays can happen.

If you are not sure if April 30 is your deadline, please check the special utility on the USA Swimming website that will look up the “Valid Through” date for your background check. Here is the link to find your expiration date:

Completing a USA Swimming background check is an online process that starts at this link: Click on “Initiate a Background Check” and follow the prompts. Coach members are required to complete the Level II background check. If you have any questions, please direct them to

Thank you for your attention to this important component of the Athlete Protection Program!