Goodstuff Indeed! The RSA and Ultra Swim Meet Wrap up


Congratulations to the our Ultra Swim and Goodstuff Meet participants on a great first long course competition. The Ultra Swim was an electric environment, complete with some of the best swimmers from around the world, including WOW's national team of Matt McPheters, Stephen Coetzer, and Travis Johns. The boys represented the club well, posting 4/9 best times in their afternoon sessions and returning at night to watch the best of the best compete under the bright lights. Qualifying for finals at Ultra Swim means posting Olympic Trials Cuts in the morning, something the WOW swimmers are saving for next year...

Across the state at the Goodstuff Invitational, WOW swimmers were equally sensational in their first long course splashes of the season. WOW swimmers swam 178 personal bests in 236 racees over the course of the weekend, a whopping 75% at our first long course meet! Perhaps even more impressive was the number of 100% best time swimmers at the meet:

Jack Best, Lily Ervin, Ben Foltz, Lucy Gittings, Jake Hannum, Thomas Heffron, Carter High, Finch Hobart, Lane Howard, Hunter Krupp, Waverly Leonard, Case Marshall, Mattew McPheters (Ultra), Anthony Messina, Abbey Narayan, Ally Pagans, Chase Popella, Delaney Popella, Mary Margaret Robison, Meghan Trout, and Ryan Trout.

That has got to be some sort of WOW record, and doesn't even take into account the several swimmers who were an impressive 7/8 or 6/8 best times! Way to go!

Now some of you may be thinking...well it didn't say a best time in the heat sheet? Indeed some swimmers were not entered at their true best times for this first long course meet. In general we enter swimmers at their real, achieved times entering a new season. What they went last summer they begin this summer with. In cases where we do not have times for a swimmer, or a swimmer needs to be entered at a certain standard we may choose to “convert” their times to meet this need. Converting times is a crude math that adds 8-10 seconds per 100 to a swimmer's short course time. Unfortunately there is no accurate way of doing this. It cannot account for turns, for kick outs, break outs, stroke rates, and of course stroke flaws! Which tend to show up much more in that 50 meter pool!

For this reason, whenever possible, swimmers were entered with their real times this past weekend. Its been entertaining these last two days going back and looking at swimmers who have dropped 20+ seconds in 200s and even 100s; amazing the progress our young athletes can make in the course of a year. To compare your swimmer's results against this time last year visit the “My Meet Results” section of, its an easy way to see where your swimmer was in May 2010 and is now in 2011.

Congrats to all the meet participants and keep working hard this long course season. Don't let short course cover up your stroke flaws, fix them and become a better Long Course swimmer!