Welcome to MAC 2011-2012 Swim Season
Message from John Borgersen, MAC Board President:
Welcome to all new and returning swimmers to the Monocacy Aquatic Club!
Last year was an incredible year for our swim team having swimmers reach their goals from achieving a new motivational cut to swimming on the national level. I thank all our swimmers for working so hard, and their support system--parents, car pools, and swimming friends.
Because of permitting regulatory and financial issues, we are not as far along on Hood swimming infrastructure issues as MAC would like.  Hood College has been a great partner, and we are working together to improve our swimming situation, given the closing of the indoor pool. Over the next few weeks, we will be communicating information concerning our pool situation and upgrades to our infrastructure. Please check the MAC website for information.
Currently, Hood College has completed a tremendous improvement project to the roadways around the Huntsinger Aquatic Center.  As a result there are new sidewalks and improved drainage along the roads.  This will impact how parents drop off and pick up swimmers from the bubble.  There is no longer a drop off “circle” or parking spaces directly in front of the pool.  Parents need to coordinate with swimmers about drop from and pick up along Hudson Street, the main entry way in/out from the pool. MAC cannot park along this area or stay and wait for swimmers. We need to "drop off" and "pick up" as quickly as possible, or be ticketed.... Hood College is a great partner, and MAC would not be able to have our club team without their support, so please obey local regulations and not park/wait in restricted areas. Thank You!
Additional notes... Parents will not be able to park along the side of the dorm or on the grass as these areas are now clearly marked fire lanes.  Please park along Magnolia Avenue adjacent to the college or behind the gymnasium in the new parking lot, where there are approximately 20-25 spots. These and parking in the chapel lot ( on the far side of campus) will not need permits.  Cars parked in fire lanes and permit parking areas are subject to towing/ticketing by Hood College. They will enforce these  regulations.
MAC and Hood are striving to improve our pool situation! We both want a better infrastructure ranging from filtration systems to improve water quality to more lanes for swimming. Please check back to the MAC news and website for updates.

·         Back to Swim Sale Sept 6th - Sept 17th at Pools, Patios & Porches:  Practice suits 40% off (except Uglies - 20% off), Goggles  20% off, Practice Caps  20% off.  Pools Patios & Porches, 179D Thomas Johnson Dr, Frederick, MD.  The annual “bulk buy” when families can purchase MAC apparel at discount prices will be held later this fall.

·         September invoice notifications have been emailed.  Payments are due by the 10th  each month. At this time MAC is only able to accept payments via check or money order.  Please mail all payments to:

      MAC c/o Terri Bush

      5613 Broadmoor Terr N

      Ijamsville, MD 21754