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Dear MSSAC and MSDC Team Member,

We are pleased to announce the deployment of our new team website and team management system which includes powerful email communication and billing tools. This new toolset will enable our coaches and team administrators to better communicate and manage our team. Please visit:  to check out our new website. We think you’re going to love it!

Some of the more important benefits to you will be the ability to:

  • Allow parents to update their own account information
  • Allow better and timely communication to you from the Club and Coaches
  • Meet Confirmation: Parents confirm which meet(s) their swimmers will attend to avoid unnecessary charges to their account.

Future features that the club will look to roll out are:

  • On-Line registration
  • On-line invoicing and payment tracking from members
  • On-line credit-card payments

Many of our members already access the secure portion of our website. If you have not yet signed in to the system, shortly, you will be sent a system generated email from “” with your login credentials to your private account and email. This email will grant you access to your own secure account and have instructions to set your password. As we prepare for our new billing system, it is especially important that you update your email addresses with an email address that you use actively as we will rely heavily on email communication from this system to keep you updated on team activities, events and billing. As importantly, please ensure that the rest of your contact information is accurate as well.

You must login and verify your name, address, guardians and contact information and make any changes to ensure your information is correct.

It will be your responsibility to keep all of your information up to date.

One of the most important changes this year is the  “Meet Confirmation” process  . This will ensure that your intentions about swim meets and other club events are clearly communicated to us and that your swimmer will be attending these events. The system will prompt you for a simple “Yes or No” response for each swimmer.

We will be testing this process before the end of September (EVERYONE MUST RESPOND!).

We will be using it for the “Blue-Orange” Meet (Oct 17) and for the Harvest (Nov 4-6), Autumn (Nov 5-6), Tristar (Nov 20) and MSDC Fall Meet (Nov 21). Look for important information on how to use the Meet Confirmation tool coming soon. Please contact with any difficulties you may have logging in to your account or questions.

Use the link below to see some Frequently Asked Questions to help you get signed in and using our website. - Website FAQs

Over the next few weeks, you will have to use the interactive features to enter your swimmers in meets and to sign up for jobs at our meets.

Thank you for your support of our great team, The Team Administrators