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Gold Group - Upcoming practice change to 3:30pm begins today.

Dear Gold Team,

Moving into the 2011-2012 swim season, the club has made many changes in regards to practice times.  One change was moving the Gold Group to the later time of 5:30pm.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to make this change and thank you.  With the completion of stroke clinic and after assessing the demands of the team in order to maximize group training space the best place for the Gold Group is to move back to its original training time of 3:30pm.  We truly apologize for any inconvenience but we believe this is the best option for all groups, in particular the Gold Group.

The change to the 3:30pm workout time will happen Monday October 31, 2011.

If you need some time to realign carpooling or other activities, please do so now in order for a smooth transition.  If the 5:30pm time is best for your family and you cannot move back, you may continue at this time with Coach Rob in the Silver Group for as long as you like.  Please note that the Silver Group is less competitive than Gold and the practices will reflect that difference.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding moving into the 2011-2012 season.   We know this will be a great year at SCSC and look forward to your participation.  If you have any concerns please feel free to email my self or Dave at any time.

John Bitter