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A little bit about Deck Pass:
Swimming has long been a sport about achievements. Now, with the launch of USA Swimming’s “Deck Pass”™, a new online and mobile application, swimmers can easily connect with one another and share their achievements with other members of the swimming community.


Deck Pass™ is an innovative digital application that lets swimmers track their best times, set goals and earn digital patches for their accomplishments in the pool. It’s easy, free to use and is designed to let swimmers capture what they’re accomplishing in the water online and then share with their friends and family. Users can access Deck Pass™ online or via a free mobile application.


Deck Pass™ users can choose to connect their accounts with Facebook to share their swimming milestones with their friends and family. The program is also a great motivational tool that is designed to help guide to swimmers to achievements both in and out of the water. For example, if a swimmer swims a best time at a recent meet, they will automatically earn a digital patch celebrating their achievement.


While Deck Pass™ times updates are automatic for USA Swimming members, the application can be used by anyone. Whether you’re a recreational swimmer, a club swimmer or even a coach, Deck Pass™ has something for everyone! 

With Deck Pass™, USA Swimming members can:

• Connect with teammates and coaches who are also using Deck Pass™. Swimmers over 13, you can also connect with Facebook friends to share achievements with their friends and family
• Automatically earn digital patches for accomplishments in the pool from a best time to swimming a news event
• Track best times and times from recent meets
• Set goals for the season


Sign up by November 25th and earn your special edition SCSC Team Player Patch.