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Swim-A-Thon fundraising is under way! Get started today and win a IPAD2

The Swim-A-Thon will be held on January 7, one week before our Zone Meet and will also serve as a kickoff party to Zones!  Fundraising has started get your account set up and start today!

What to expect this year during the Swim-A-Thon? We will be swimming as a large group non-stop for the allotted time.  There will be no workouts offered just straight swimming within a lane made up of swimmers from your group.  We do need parents to stick around and count laps during the event if they can.

How to fundraise? We are partnering with team unify to be one of the first teams in the country to use their Swim-A-Thon fundraising module. This should make getting donations much easier as you will be able to create a donation page for each individual swimmer, email friends and family directly, and pay online directly to your families fundraising page (more details about this to follow). You may also continue to collect donations offline.

Exciting News for Jr.Bell –Silver Groups
Each group will be allocated 30% of what they raise.  This money will go towards group outings and events.  That means if your group raises $3,000 you will have $900 to go towards a group breakfast, a day at Raging Waters, a movie day, or other fun event as determined by your coaches and your bell parents. (The number is determined from net profit.)

Grand Prize Winners- The swimmer who raises the most money will receive a $300 gift card to Target or a Visa Card.
Top Fundraiser from each group will get breakfast or lunch with their coach or the coach of their choice.
The group who raises the most money will receive a pizza party.
The first person to raise $500 (pre-event on the online system will win a month of free dues.)
Everyone who raises $100 in online donations by December 15 with will be entered to win an Apple IPAD on December 16.

Fundraising Awards, If your swimmer raises:
$25 The Swimmer will receive a participation certificate
$50 they will get a commemorative SCSC Swim-A-Thon shirt
$500-749.99 USA Swimming t-shirt
$750-999.99 USA Swimming towel
$1000.00 + USA Swimming bag
All swimmers who complete at least 100 lengths of the pool will receive a pin.

Where does the money go? 
If you raise $100:
$5 goes to USA Swimming to support all that they do for our sport.
$30 will go into a fund for events or outings this season for your group.
$30 will go towards capital improvements at SCSC pool.  This year’s wish list: one handicap lift (required by federal law), 9 new starting blocks, donation to the city towards resurfacing the deck.
$10 will go towards club scholarships and financial aid.
$10 will go towards the overhead of running the club.
$15 will go towards running of this event and similar club wide events over the year (stroke clinic, banquet etc.).  This is an estimated number it may take up more or less of the total

Next steps:
The online donation system and Fundraising envelopes will be available on December 2.  We ask all swimmers create an online fundraising page even if you do not use it to solicit donations as it is how we are tracking all swimmers. 

Timeline for the Event

6:00-8:00 a.m. SR/ Gold /Silver Groups Swim- A- Thon
7:30-8:00 a.m. Check in for Swim-A-Thon Yellow/Blue Group
8:00-10:00am Yellow and Blue Groups Swim-A-Thon.
9:00-11:30am Pancake Breakfast / Hot Chocolate Bar (Breakfast is free for Swim- A-Thon swimmers/ parents siblings $5 donation requested).  White Bell/Jr. Bell /Pre Comp can get food either before or after they swim.
9:00-12pm Poster Party for Zones and Zone shirt’s available for pick up
9:30-10:00am White Bell/ Bronze/ Jr. Bell check in for Swim-A-Thon
10:00-11:00am White Bell/ Jr. Bell / Bronze start one hour straight swim
10:00-11:00am - Annual Membership Meeting (Parents only)

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