New STAT Swimmer Mentoring Program!


Dear STAT Families,

STAT's Mentoring Program gives an opportunity for the experienced swimmers to share information and provided encouragement to younger/newer swimmers.  Any Juniors 2, Age Group or Senior swimmer is eligible to be a mentor.

Participating in the program is voluntary.  The mentor will receive instruction on the responsibilities of this position.  Any Novice I, II, Junior I or new swimmer will be assigned a mentor.  This mentor (swim buddy) will be available to answer questions and provide encouragement to their "buddy".  Some examples are notes placed in the swim team file box, treat for swim meets, sitting together during social functions, etc.  Negative or inappropriate behavior will be grounds for terminating the relationship.

Mentors will be acknowledged at award ceremonies.  If you need volunteer hours for your school or church, we will issue you a certificate acknowledging your participation.

March/April we will kick off the program with an ice cream/craft social.  

We're excited about this new program and hope that based on the success of this year, we will have it in place for next fall.  

If your son or daughter would like to participate as a mentor, please contact:

Barb Warren, STAT Board VP at