Swim-A-Thon Update

Hello KING Swimmers,

Thanks to all who braved the snow and came to the Swim-A-Thon rally and pancake breakfast!  The letter writing campaign got off to a great start with over 700 letters being turned in.  The winner of the contest for the highest percentage attendance at the rally is…KING North, with 34% of their swimmers participating!  Congrats to them; they will be enjoying cupcakes after an upcoming practice.

Don’t forget, you can still get mailing supplies from your SAT rep at practice this week.  Be sure to turn your completed letters in to your SAT rep so you can get your postage paid and earn a KING water bottle (with 10 or more letters).  You can also use the Firstgiving website to email potential donors.  They can donate online via the secure website and you can print out your donor list and count it towards earning your KING water bottle.

Next up is the doughnut contest!  The swim group with the most letters and emails (average per swimmer) will be the recipients of fresh, delicious doughnuts.  Due to all of the cancelled practices last week, the deadline for this contest has been extended to February 3rd.  So far, the swim group in the lead is the Regional group with an average of 4.6 letters per swimmer.  Seniors are not far behind, averaging 4.3 letters per swimmer.  Stay tuned to see who wins…

And if you haven’t seen the fabulous prize list yet or the 2012 Swim-A-Thon t-shirt design, be sure to check them out on the SAT home page.

Click HERE to visit the KING Swim-A-Thon page

Thanks for your support of our amazing KING team!!!

Laurie Stein and Diana Brown

Swim-A-Thon Coordinators