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Time To Register for Spring

It's time to start getting your swimmer re-enrolled for the spring quarter.  You must email registration  by February 25th or you will not only risk having trouble registering for Division meets, but you will also be charged a $10 late registration fee.  Your account will go inactive if you do not email registration.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I FORGET?  First, don’t forget, do it now!  Second, if you fail to email registration by February 27th, you will be billed an additional $10 late registration fee to re-up and you may experience difficulty registering your swimmer for meets.

WHY DO I NEED TO DO THIS?  We do not want to bill families for things they do not want.  As we opporate on a quarterly billing system, you need to re-up each quarter and the new quarter begins March 1.

WHAT IF I’M NOT RE-UPPING?  You don’t need to do anything!  If we don’t hear from you, your account will be moved to an inactive status.

NOTE:  Please only email us using the registration email link in this email as it is a specific email address. DO NOT reply to this email or email a coach directly.  By emailing registration, you will get a reply confirming your email and sending you reminders of your commitment to COOL.