Officials Clinic 6-13-12

Thanks to Susan Hefner and Jon Fox, YSST will offer a Stroke and Turn Official class on Wednesday, June 13th at 5:30 pm.  Please sign up via the events page.  See Susan's notes below about the benefits of becoming an official and supporting our sport.


Why Should I Become a Certified USA-Swimming Official?

1. To become more involved in an activity in which my child loves.

2. To help YSST host swim meets.

3. To promote the good name and image of YSST by working at other team’s meets.

4. To have a front row seat at all the sessions I work.

5. To take advantage of the free food provided at the meet's hospitality room. (YSST has the best hospitality room!)

6. By working at least one session of a meet, my meet expenses (hotel, meals, mileage, uniforms, etc.) are tax deductible.

Swim meets are more than just swimming. Working as an official provides insight into how meets are organized, what the responsibility of each official is, and why a disqualification occurs. There are numerous officiating positions, each with a varying level of responsibility, so it’s easy to contribute in an area that’s right for you. While opportunities exist to work at every meet (both at home and away) there is no requirement to work, aside from ensuring you satisfy your yearly minimum session requirement as prescribed by USA-Swimming. You decide when and at what meets you’d like to work – officiating is an all-volunteer effort. The financial success of YSST is directly related to the successful execution of our home meets, therefore your service as an official directly contributes to the team’s success.

Getting Started- USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Judge Requirements

To become an official you must:

oBe at least 18 years of age.

oAttend a stroke and turn clinic.

oCheck the North Carolina Swimming website for dates and locations of upcoming clinics.

oTake and review a test during the clinic. (Open book – group discussion).

oComplete on-deck training

oWork at least 4 learning sessions under the guidance of an experienced official

oWork at least 2 evaluations while being observed by an experienced official

oAfter each session, sit down with the meet referee and the mentor to discuss the pros and cons of your session.

oAfter completion of the final evaluation session, the Meet Referee will sign off on the apprentice card to indicate successful completion of the apprenticeship program.

oThe apprentice will email their card to or send a copy of the card to the address provided on the card.

oComplete certification after attending a clinic and completing on-deck training/evaluation

oRegister as a USA Swimming non-athlete through your team or NC swimming

oComplete a USA Swimming required level 2 background check

oComplete the USA Swimming athlete protection training on-line course


There are many levels of certification and opportunities to advance to areas of greater responsibility if so desired after completing the S&T certification. For more information on these opportunities see the links below.


Resources for NC Swimming Officials