ICS Swimmer Placement for Winter 2013

ICS Parents,

The suggested swimmer placement for January 2013 is below.  Many of our ICS swimmers have made great strides over the past few months and are ready for the challenge of the next level.

Swimmers are encouraged to try their new groups but are not required to move.  Please keep in mind that group movement is done in the best interest of the swimmer and involves a large number of factors such as age, swimming experience and skill level.  OW swimmers are encouraged to, but not required to compete.

Swimmers returning to the ICS 1/2/3/T levels return to swimming on January 7th/8th. 

  • As returning swimmers your place is held until January 4th. 
  • Please confirm with me by email if your swimmer/s will be returning by the 4th
  • No new registration forms need to be filled out unless information has changed
  • Fees can be dropped off at the LASC office at the pool

Swimmers trying the Olympic Way group return to swimming on January 2nd.  Please check the group calendars for practice times.

  • OW swimmers are encouraged to swim 3 or more times per week.
  • If your swimmer is trying OW their space in ICS will be held until placement is confirmed
  • Please confirm with me by email intent to try OW or preference to stay in ICS by January 2nd
  • No new registration forms need to be filled out unless information has changed
  • OW fees are prorated at 60% of the annual for the balance of the swim year remaining January to June.  Prorated fees are $621 and may be paid in full or by month. 

Please contact me if you have questions or if your swimmer is not on the list below.

Peter Schori


ICS Fall 2012 - Suggested Swimmer Placement for January 2013
ICS 1         ICS 3      
Reid Decillia       Madison Andres    
Walter Figueroa       Ava Blaszczak    
Samantha Fritzler       Madeline Blaszczak    
Ashur Haitsma       Kai Coleman    
Evangeline Hubbard     Cassidy Coolen    
Bowie McKay       Amanda Fritzler    
Gabe McKay       Amaya Graham    
Alex Mundell       Brynn Iwaasa    
Brycen Pratt       Dawson Leroux    
Solomon Prenevost       Mackenzie Leroux    
Mae Yearous       Morgan Mckenzie    
          Eliana Molnar    
          Thomas Neher    
ICS 2         Kaden Otis    
Oscar Babits       Holden Piekema    
Brooklyn Best       Nicholas Probst-Wong  
Emma Brydges       Samuel Remesz    
Alejandro Figueroa       Makena Wood    
Adam Friesen              
Dylan Gokarn       Olympic Way    
Amelie Goutin       Jozsef Babits    
Austin Hartwick       Laszlo Babits    
Karter Hollingshead       Alexis Fritzler    
Wyatt Mensinger       Bradley Hawkins    
Emi Mundell       Sariah Hubbard    
Ava Nelson       Mia Keller    
Neely Nemecek       Emily Kiss    
Jaime Patenaude       Finley Lothian    
Ruotong Tian       Trenton Otis    
Dylan Weaver       Rachel Palmer    
Catherine Yagus       Kaden Pratt    
Paige Yearous       Nathan Ritchie    
Sophia Zhang       Nadia Solinski    
          Flora Tian    
          Katie Tucker