Thank You - Pronghorn Classic volunteers

I would like to thank everyone who helped out this weekend with the Pronghorns Classic swim meet.  From all accounts thus far, it was a very successful weekend.  We had the opportunity to have a lot of kids swim in their first or second meet, many made finals, and everyone had fun doing it!  From a food perspective, I felt VERY well fed and heard lots of comments from out of town officials on our amazing food volunteers!  We also had quite a few parents try out new volunteer positions for the first time and overall, everyone seems to feel comfortable with what they learned and applying it at the meet.

But of course, all of this would not be possible without you, the parents, making time to attend training, show up early and stay until the very end of the session, even if your child is done swimming.  Your involvement in your child's swimming not only benefits the club by allowing us to host meets (which generate revenue), but it shows the kids that you are involved - on deck, learning about their sport and growing as your understanding grows through trying new positions and the learning that goes along with that.  As some of you commented to me this weekend, you didn't realize that there are so many rules and things that go into swimming and if you have a basic understanding of what your child is learning, it makes you a better supporter of them through their successes and the harder times when they might get disqualified, for example.

So with that, thank you from the club for all of your help, and thank you from your swimmer(s) as really, showing the interest and involvement that you did this weekend makes such a positive impact on them as well.  I look forward to seeing the club continue to grow and develop a diverse group of volunteers and officials as our club, and our swimmers, will benefit from your involvement, expertise and time. 

Thank you!

And a special SHOUT OUT to our out-of-town volunteers!  Thank you to parents from Cascade, Spartans, and NCSA!