Spring - Swimmer Group Moves


LASC Parents,

The suggested swimmer placement for April 2013 is below.  Our swimmers from the ICS to Senior level have made some great improvements and some are ready for the challenge of the next level.

Swimmers listed below are only those recommended to change groups - if your swimmer is not listed below it is recommended that they continue in the same group.


Suggested Swimmer Move-Ups for April 2013 - Swimmers listed in NEW GROUP
ICS 2         ICS 3      
Oliva Borthwick       Alejandro Figueroa    
Reid Decillia       Jaris Edwards    
Kobe Fujita       Owen Graham    
Alex Lyle     Neige Heinrichs    
Alex Mundell       Sayla Heinrichs    
Brycen Pratt       Emi Mundell    
Solomon Prenevost       Jaime Patenaude    
          Adeline Pollock    
          Samuel Remesz    
          Sophia Zhang    
Olympic Way       Junior Provincial    
Madeline Blaszczak       Taryn Bach    
Kai Coleman       Chloe Bender-Thorsen  
Jude Edwards       Taryn Lachman    
Mercy Trinh       Megan Ritchie    
Kaden Pratt       Rori Ryan      
          Spencer Park    
          Joel Pollock    
Provincial       Senior      
Solen Wood       Ailysh Boras    
Maya Wood       Riley Boras    
Mackenzie Lachman       Shalyn Boras    
Teagan Dixon       Emily Coolen    
          Dawn McIntosh    
Natalie Arnold              
Brittany Freund              
Kaelan Freund              
Seth Harasem-Mitchell            
Vince Sljuka              


Swimmers can register for the Spring Session on the LASC website.

Login - Go to Team Events - April 8th I Can Swim Spring Session


Swimmers are encouraged to try their new groups but are not required to move.  Please keep in mind that group movement is done in the best interest of the swimmer and involves a large number of factors such as age, swimming experience and skill level.  OW swimmers are encouraged to, but not required to compete.

Swimmers returning to the ICS 1/2/3/Tri levels return to swimming on April 8/9th. 

  • As returning swimmers your place is held until April 8th. 
  • Please confirm registration online and use the notes section if any registration information has changed.
  • Fees can be dropped off at the LASC office at the pool

Swimmers trying the Olympic Way group return to swimming on April 8th.  Please check the group calendars for practice times.

  • OW swimmers are encouraged to swim 3 or more times per week.
  • If your swimmer is trying OW their space in ICS will be held until placement is confirmed
  • Please confirm with me by email intent to try OW or preference to stay in ICS by April 8th.
  • OW fees are prorated at 30% of the annual for the balance of the swim year remaining January to June.  Prorated fees are $310 and may be paid in full or by month. 

Swimmers moving from one competitive group to another do not have an increase in fees.


Please contact me if you have questions.


Peter Schori