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SCSC Weekly Chlorine - Week of 4/28/13


SCSC Weekly Chlorine - Week of 4/28/13

Schedule for the Week of 4/29/13

National (International)

MWF Swim 5:30-7:00am

M-F Swim 3:30-5:30pm

TTh Dryland 5:30-6:30pm

Saturday Swim 6:00-8:15am

Saturday Dryland 8:15-9:15am

Saturday 2:00-4:00pm

Senior 1 (International)

TTh Swim 5:30-6:30am

M-F Swim 3:30-5:30pm

MWF Dryland 5:45-6:30pm

Saturday 6:00-8:15am

Senior 2 (International)

TTh 5:30-6:30am (optional)

M-F 3:30-5:30pm

MWF Dryland/Core 5:45-6:15pm

Saturday 6:00-8:15am

Senior 2 / Make-Up

M-F 5:45-7:30PM

Gold (girls and boys) (International)

TTh Dryland 4:45-5:15pm

M-F 5:30-7:30pm

Saturday 7:30-9:30am

Blue (International)

M-F Swim 5:45-7:30pm

TTh Dryland 4:45-5:15pm

Saturday 7:30-9:30am

Yellow 1 (International)

M-F 4:15-5:45pm

TTh Dryland 5:55-6:15pm

Saturday 9:30-11:00am

Yellow 2

MWF 4:00-5:15pm or 6:00-7:15pm (Wilson)

TTh 4:00-5:15pm (Wilson)

Saturday 9:30-10:45am (International)

White Jr (Formerly Jr Bell)

M-F 4:15-5:15pm (Peterson)

MWF 6:00-7:00pm (Peterson)

White Senior (Formerly Bronze)

M-Th 5:30-7:00pm (Peterson)

F 4:00-5:30pm (Peterson)

Saturday 8:00-9:00 (Wilson)


MW 5:00-6:00pm (Peterson)

TTh 5:15-6:15 (Peterson)

BELLfit Fri

Friday 5:15-6:00 (Peterson)

BELLfit Sat

Sat 8:15-9:00 (Wilson)

Sat 9:00-9:45 (Wilson)


MW 4:15 (Peterson)

MW 5:15 (Wilson)

TTh 5:15 (Wilson)

TTh 6:15 (Peterson)

Friday 5:15 Make up practice (Wilson)


Upcoming Events

5/10-11: CCS (ISC)

5/12: SCSC Senior II Walk-On (ISC)

5/18-19: Morgan Hill IM Ready (Morgan Hill)

5/25-27: Monterey Age Group Open (Monterey)

5/30-6/2: SCSC International Meet (ISC)

6/14-16: Summer Sanders Invite (Roseville, CA) select athletes only

6/22-23: Valley Splash C/B/A+ Meet (San Jose)

6/29-30: Quicksilver Age Group Open (San Jose)

7/12-14: Long Course Junior Olympic Championships (Moraga or Concord)

7/31-8/4: Long Course Far Western Championships (San Jose)

7/31-8/4: Western Zone Senior Championships (Clovis) select athletes only


SCSC’s Policy on Bullying

It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – J.K Rowling

The Santa Clara Swim Club is committed to providing a safe, caring and friendly environment for all of our members. The Swimmers, Coaches and Parents at SCSC work together to succeed in the sport of swimming and in life. We have set guidelines on how the club handles incidents of bullying; please become familiar with them. SCSC's Bullying policy can be found at:


Volunteer Hours

Check your hours! CCS/Walk-On and International are your LAST CHANCE TO EARN HOURS this year, so make sure you know how many more you need. Click on "My Account" menu then "$My Invoice/Payment" and "Service Hours" tab. You must be logged into TeamUnify to see your information.

CCS and Walk-On Meet: Job signups opening Monday, April 29 at 8:30 p.m. All accounts will be limited to 2 jobs for the first 24 hours of signups, no limit thereafter. This is the last event to earn hours before International.

International: Job signups opening Monday, May 13 at 8:30 p.m.; 4-job limit the first 24 hours, unlimited thereafter. International is the last event of the year to earn hours. There will be plenty of jobs for everyone!

Volunteer Opportunities--Save the Date:

CCS High School Champs--May 10-11

Senior II Walk On Meet--May 12

Santa Clara International Grand Prix--May 30-June 2 (all families must work a portion of their hours at this meet)


Special Senior Stroke Clinic: May 5th, 10:30-2:30

There are just a few spots left for our May 5th Senior Stroke Clinic; don't get left out; RSVP today! This will be an incredible opportunity to hone your freestyle and backstroke skills, as well as have your stroke video recorded and professionally analyzed by our coaches. In addition to comprehensive stroke work, there will be a presentation about the proper mindset and mental preparation necessary to be successful in swimming.

The clinic will conducted in 2 parts, for a total of four hours. Swimmers may choose to do either one or both of parts of the clinic.

WHO : SCSC swimmers age 11 and older (Sr. 1, Sr. 2, Gold & Blue Bells)

WHEN : Sunday, May 5th, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

WHAT : Stroke Clinic: Freestyle & Backstroke

[Part 1: Freestyle starts, turns, breakouts, drills & tips, presentation on mental preparation, and Part 2: Backstroke starts, turns, breakouts, drills & tips.]

COST: $35 for one session, plus Mental Prep Discussion

$60 for both sessions, plus Mental Prep Discussion

Each session will conclude with a video recording of each individual swimmer, which will be analyzed by the coaches, with the swimmer.

RSVP to Cynthia Owens:


Summer Schedule Posted!

This schedule will begin June 10th, 2013.



We will be doing another Learn to Swim clinic the weekend after CCS, May 18th 11am-1pm. Please mark your calendars and keep an eye on next week’s Bitter Truth for details!

The Splash Down is coming to a close; make sure you send Carlene your HS times (including Leagues)!!! LAST CHANCE FOR ANY MAKE UP TIMES IS THE SUNDAY BEFORE CCS. If you forgot to send me any times, do it NOW!


Senior 1

We are looking for volunteers to participate in the Opening Ceremonies for the International Meet. It will take place on Friday May 30 before finals (4:40ish). If you are interested please contact Coach Cynthia Owens, Opening Ceremonies Coordinator ASAP.


Senior 2

We still need a few more swimmers to help with the International Meet Opening Ceremonies on Friday, May 31st. Please let us know if you are interested! Also, sign-ups are open for the Special Stroke Clinic on Sunday, May 5th, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Space will be limited, so reserve your spot today!

“It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

Paul “Bear” Bryant


Gold - boys

Please remember it is important to attend practices on Fridays and Saturdays leading up to Long Course Season. These are our only Long Course practices until our summer practice schedule starts in May.

Good Job to the new swimmers from Yellow! Older Gold Swimmers: Be afraid....VERY AFRAID!!!

"When I go out and race, I'm not trying to beat opponents, I'm trying to beat what I have done ... to beat myself, basically. People find that hard to believe because we've had such a bias to always strive to win things. If you win something and you haven't put everything into it, you haven't actually achieved anything at all. When you've had to work hard for something and you've got the best you can out of yourself on that given day, that's where you get satisfaction from."

--- Ian Thorpe

Have a great week!


Gold - girls

Congratulations to all Gold Girls on a super start to your long course season! Keep up the good work!



No news!


Yellow 1/2

Congratulations on another successful 10 & Under Championship Meet this weekend!!! It time to get back to preparing for the summer Long Course season. There will be a parent meeting for ALL YELLOW BELL GROUP next Saturday, May 4 from 11-11:30 am. We will discuss summer scheduling and expectations. Please have at least one parent per family in attendance. Thanks!!!


White Junior/White Senior

No news!



No news!


MAKO LCM C/B/A+ Recap!

Great job to all swimmers who competed in the MAKO LCM meet this past weekend! We had lots of first time swimmers braving a long course meet, as well as many new LCM best times! Congratulations to:


Mary Martinelli 50fl

Katherine Meck 100fr, 50fl

Stephanie Sifferman 50fr, 50bk, 50br, 50fl

Jeremiah Lhea Tandingan 50fr, 100fr, 50bk, 50br, 50fl

Christian Kim 50fr, 100fr, 50bk, 50br, 50fl

Purav Shah 100fr, 50bk, 50br

Steffi Beisel 400fr, 100fl, 200IM

Allen Chang 100fr, 50br, 100br, 50fl, 200IM

Eng Kwa 50bk, 100bk, 50br, 100fl, 200IM

Roderick Sou 50fr, 50bk, 100bk, 50fl, 100fl

Mila Meck 50bk

Nicole Oliva 800fr, 1500fr, 400IM


Steffi Beisel 100fr, 50bk, 100bk, 100br

Sarah Chung 50br, 100br

Alexa Kwan 50bk, 50fl

Emily Minjares 100fl

Vismaya Panicker 50fl, 100fl

Gayatri Raut 100fl

Allen Chang 100bk

Eng Kwa 50fr, 100fr

Ethan Lorete 100fl

Roderick Sou 100fr

Lauren Fu 200br

Mai McKenna 200IM

Mila Meck 100bk, 50fl

Aishwarya Tare 400fr

Matthew Choi 100br

Ben Winn 400IM

Rahul Cheeniyil 100br, 200br

Nehemi Winn 400IM


Sarah Chung 100fl

Mishti Gokhale 50br, 50fr

Emily Minjares 100fr, 100bk, 50fl, 200IM

Vismaya Panicker 50bk, 100bk, 200IM

Gayatri Raut 100fr, 50fl, 200IM

Khushi Shah 100fl

Diwakar Basak 50br, 100br

Ethan Lorete 50br, 50fl

Vineet Ranade 50fl, 100fl

Roderick Sou 200IM

Lauren Fu 200bk, 400IM

Mai McKenna 200br

Mila Meck 100fl, 200IM

Rayva Ranade 200bk

Aishwarya Tare 50bk, 400IM

Kaitlyn Wu 100fr, 100fl

Matthew Choi 50bk, 200br, 50fl

Ben Winn 800fr, 1500fr

Alex Yu 400IM

Hayley O’Brien 100bk

Heramb Tamhankar 1500fr


Swimmer Spotlight

Does your swimmer have an outstanding achievement outside of the pool? Contact to submit suggestions for the Weekly Chlorine!


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions regarding White Junior or White Senior scheduling, please contact If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact and I will be happy to answer your questions and/or direct you to the right person!