Meet entries for the BCSC Unity Meet are due TODAY by 7pm..

Meet entries for the BCSC Unity Meet are due TODAY by 7pm – the NBAC Far Eastern Meet notice has also been posted. See below for more info. 


The practice schedule for today is MODIFIED for Sr Red & Black

Senior Red and Black swim 2-4pm in the outdoor pool

Senior White swims 5:45 to 8:00pm in the outdoor pool

Age Group II swims 6:00 to 8:00pm in the outdoor pool

Senior Prep/Masters swim 8:00 to 9:00pm in the outdoor pool

Age Group I has No Practice

Novice I practices 5:30 to 7p in the indoor pool

Novice II practices 5:30 to 7p in the indoor pool

Novice III practices 5:30 to 7p in the indoor pool


 Attention Zone, Sectional and National Qualifiers:  Discounts are available on Speedo Suits thru Pools, Patios and Porches!  Order Now to get the suit you want--not all suits are in stock, but early inquiry allows for orders.

Zone Qualifiers: 40% OFF All Suits, Except LZR (25% off)

Sectional Qualifiers: 25% off all suits

Nationals:  FREE SUITS, Except LZR (40% off)

In addition, backpacks and warmups are discounted 25% for all events.

Discount Hershey Park tickets for $32.50 for ages 9-54 and $24 for ages 3-8 and 55-60 to be used any day of the Regular Public Operating Season can be purchased.  Checks made payable to Toni James need to be in the James folder in the baby pool area no later than 6:00 p.m. on June 17th.  The tickets are slightly higher than the price from last year because we did not meet the pre-season ordering deadline for more discounted rates.  We need to have an order of at least 20 tickets in order to get this rate.  We will update the hotline when the tickets come in, but it will take a minimum of two weeks.


The meet notice for the North Baltimore Aquatic Club (NBAC) Far Eastern Meet to be held August 5-8, 2009 at the Meadowbrook Aquatic Center, 5700 Cottonworth Ave Baltimore, MD 21209, has been posted on the bulletin board at the pool.  This meet is open to our swimmers who meet the qualifying time standards (listed at the end of the meet notice).  The swimmer's age as of August 5, 2009 shall apply for the entire meet. Swimmers may enter up to three (3) events per day excluding relays.  The cost for entry = $3 surcharge + $6 per event.  Meet entry forms and along with a check to cover the entry fee are due NLT 7:00 pm., Monday, June 22nd.  Make all checks payable to MAC.  If you have a question or concern as to whether your child is eligible to swim in this meet, please ask your child's coach.