Parking is at a premium on campus at Hood and is reserved

This is the MAC News for Monday, September 10th.

Parking is at a premium on campus at Hood and is reserved for the students and staff.  Please remember that we are guests of the facility and park on Magnolia Street.  The residents of Magnolia have also asked that we do our best to park on the Hood side of the street along the athletic fields.  In addition, please note that parents and siblings of MAC swimmers are not allowed in the weight room at any time.

Today is the deadline for entries for both the ASC Freestyle Meet and the RAC Columbus Day Classic.  All entries, along with a check to cover the fees, must be in the meet entry folder by 6:00 pm this evening.  If you have any questions about whether your child should be attending either of these meets or which one they should attend, please speak to your child's coach.

Don't forget, the bubble will be going up on Saturday, September 22nd at 8:00 am.  We ask that every family provide help, but especially our big, strong, dads and older swimmers.  There is also prep work that needs to be completed next week prior to the raising.  If you are available at any time next week, please contact Don Feinberg, at 301-696-3484, and let him know.

On Sunday, September 23rd, Maryland Swimming will be hosting their annual Officials clinic, beginning at 8:00 am at UMBC in Catonsville.  This clinic is a must for any previously certified officials to maintain their currency.  In addition, it is open to anyone who is interested in becoming a Maryland certified official.  More information may be found at

The practice schedule for today is normal - Senior Red and Black from 4:00-6:45, Senior White from 5:45-8:00, Age Group II from 6:00-8:00, and Senior Prep from 8:00-9:00 all in the outdoor pool.  Age Group I will be in the indoor pool from 4:30-6:15.  There is no practice today for Novice or Masters.