2008 USA Swimming Registration and payment

This is the MAC News for Tuesday, November 13th. 

We're down to just a few swimmers who have yet to turn in their 2008 USA Swimming Registration and payment ($64 made payable to MAC).  If you have not yet completed this process, please do so today!  If your child is planning to stop swimming at the end of December, please let Ed Goundry know (  For those of you who took care of this on time, WE THANK YOU!!! 

If you pay your MAC dues on the installment plan, don't forget the final payment of the first trimester is due NOW.  Be sure your account is up to date by the end of the week.  This includes both the dues and the Annual Fundraising fee.  Please contact Fred Manning at fredmanning@comcast.netwith any questions or problems.  We are a volunteer organization and appreciate your prompt payment! 

For those of you who do not yet have hotel accomodations for the Christmas meet, the team has reserved several blocks of rooms for Dec. 6-9.  These rooms will be released back to the public on Thursday, so make your reservations now!  Details may be found in Friday's news. Please be aware that our club also has these hotels reserved for the State Meet Feb. 27- March 2nd.  Families may make reservations now.  

Did you know we are still participating in the SCRIPS program?  Renee Hyrkas still has grocery SCRIP cards on hand (Giant $25 & $100’s, Weis $100’s, Giant Eagle $25 & $100’s, and Superfresh $100’s).  With the holidays fast approaching, why not use the SCRIP cards for your purchases?  It doesn't cost you any more and the team reaps the benefits.  For these cards, simply e-mail Renee at rhyrkas@hyrk1.comand she will make arrangements with you to receive the cards.  Renee will also be placing an order for Scrips in the next week or two.  Families are encouraged to visit is also a link on our website) and peruse the retailer list for stores (at the top of the page) they plan on patronizing for the holidays.  Many of these stores are offering 8 to 17% back to our club (Macy’s - 10%, Macaroni Grill - 11%, Panera Bread - 9%, Regal Theatres - 16%).  The list is available on the site along with any restrictions.  We earned $1,000 + just on the Marriott gift cards last year, so let’s make sure we use the cards if we are staying at a Marriott hotel ($12 for every $100 card!).  Please contact Renee to place an order so you can direct you.  We also have a place on our website that will allow you to order with our enrollment code number for those who are familiar with the routine.  If this is your first time using the website to order, you must register following the easy directions provided on the site. 

Don't forget, there will be no morning practice for Seniors on Friday as the swimmers will be starting to rest for the Christmas meet. 

The practice schedule for today is normal - Senior Red and Black from 4:00-6:15, Senior White from 5:45-8:00, Age Group II from 6:00-8:00, and Senior Prep and Masters from 8:00-9:00 all in the bubble.  Novice I will be in the indoor pool from 5:30-6:30 and Novice II and III will be there as well from 6:30-7:30.  There is no practice today for Age Group I.  Seniors will have morning practice tomorrow from 5:15-6:30.