Water/Air Quality Issues
Last night, our first swimming in the bubble, a number of our swimmers experienced discomfort.  The Health and Safety of our swimmers is our number one priority. Here is a status report and steps we are taking to deal with this issue.
  • First, the water is tested on a regular basis throughout the day and yesterday was in the correct ranges. We will continuously monitor this.  
  • Last night, we realized that the air being brought into the bubble was too warm. We have adjusted the thermostat and checked the outside vents. This will improve air recirculation and quality.  
  • Using an outside contractor, we thoroughly cleaned the blower to remove dirt, mold, and any source that would impact the quality of air in the bubble.  
  • As we did last year, we are contracting a firm to power wash the inside of the bubble. This year we will also do the outside.  
  • We are meeting with Hood staff on Wednesday to discuss this issue and work to ensure that the conditions are optimal for our swimmers.  
We will communicate via the web updates and status. Please feel free to e-mail myself/Board members with any questions/comments.
John Borgersen, President.