A huge thank you goes to Helene Williams and those who helped behind the scenes.

This is the MAC News for Monday, May 5th. 

A huge thank you goes to Helene Williams and those who helped behind the scenes for organizing a wonderful banquet! 

Don't forget, all practices normally scheduled for the bubble will be held at Middletown High School this week due to maintenance of the bubble facility. 

The bubble will be coming down on Saturday beginning at 8:00 am.  We will need help from as many of our families as possible, especially our dads and older swimmers.  If you have never helped with the bubble before or if you forget what is involved here are some tips:  The older swimmers should be ready to get in the water. The job can be dirty and wet, so wear old clothes and shoes. Lightweight work or garden gloves can be helpful. We also need crescent wrenches and socket wrenches in the following sizes: 15/16, 9/16, 5/8 and ½. Please label your tools to be sure you go home with them. The job usually lasts several hours, but we welcome everyone’s help for as long as they can stay.  If you can't make it at 8:00, we welcome your help whenever you are able to come. 

Roby's Photo Studio will be taking MAC team pictures (both group and individual) on May 20th.  Specific times for each training group will be announced soon.  This opportunity is open to all swimmers who were part of the team during the 2007-2008 season (even if they do not plan to continue during the upcoming trimester!)  The packages are very reasonably priced and part of the cost of each package will be donated back to MAC.   

Calling all young swimmers looking for an opportunity for some cross training!  Martha Herman, mom to MAC swimmer Emily, is the race director for the TRI-TO-WIN triathlon to be held May 24th at Frederick High and shares this information with us.  This non-competitve event, which will benefit the Joanna M. Nicolay Melanoma Foundation, is open to young people ages 7-13.  More information may be found on their website, 

On Saturday, May 31st MAC will be hosting a biathlon fund-raiser to raise awareness for cancer and to help support the Rossick family.  All entries, along with the $30 registration fee, are due to Coach Lauren's folder by May 15th.  The event is open to all MAC and Hood Hammerhead families, including parents and former swimmers!  

The practice schedule for today is as follows - Senior Red and Black from 4:00-6:00 and Senior White and Age Group II from 6:00-8:00 at Middletown High School.  Age Group I will swim in the indoor pool from 4:30-6:15.  There is no practice today for Senior Prep, Novice, or Masters.  In addition, there will be no morning practice this week.