Coaches Note 12-08-09

We are counting down the last few weeks of a fantastic 2009!  Remember, there are only 10 weeks left until Junior Champs and 12 weeks until Short Course Champs--our championship season is FAST approaching.  Keep up the hard work, and remember to focus on your goals to keep you motivated.  Here is what's happening this week:

 Red/Green Meet

Our annual Red/Green Inter-squad meet is Saturday, December 12.  Warm ups begin at noon, with the meet starting at 1 PM.  You have until midnight tonight to sign up for the meet!

You can access the “ JOB SIGNUP” section of the meet to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Nationals Wrap-up

Rachel and I had a great weekend—it was filled with fast swimming, memorable experiences, and an overall greater appreciation for the sport.  Walking around the pool deck with Olympians and their coaches was sure an awe inspiring experience, then having Rachel make it back to finals made it all the more special.  We also got to hang out with Coach Rory Buck and the team from Whitworth!  If you want to take a look at how the weekend went and see some of the pictures, check this out. [Rachel & US Nationals]

Washington Sr. Invite

I have e-mailed the families going to this meet.  Please remember to bring me your USA swimming ID cards so I can fax a copy to the meet host.  More details will be e-mailed directly to the swimmers going to the meet.  

Jingle Bell

The entry file for Jingle Bell has finally been posted.  If you have already entered the meet, you can now view and make changes to individual events.  If you have not entered the meet, you have until midnight tonight to enter!  

Specialty Order Team Caps

The specialty ordered caps are in the team store.  If I’m available and the team store isn’t open, I can grab the caps for you.

Christmas Training Schedule

Please check the calendar section of the website for practice times between December 17th and January 4th. Make sure to select YOUR group practice [Calendar].

Training Tip of the Week

Even in these cold times, hydration is the key to success in competition and practice.  A 1% loss of body weight can be detrimental to peak performance.  Ideally we would have a continuous flow of hydration, but that’s just not possible.  Lots of small sips of water during practice are about the closest you can get to perfect hydration.  The reason we want you to bring a water bottle to practice is so you don’t drive the coaches crazy by asking to get out every 5 minutes for a drink of water.  So, the lesson to learn… bring a water bottle and sip from it during the entire practice.

Being at the national championships this past week was an awesome experience.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of our swimmers.  Keep up the great work! 

Kevin and Keddy