MAC News Saturday January 9, 2010

Practice for Saturday January 9 is MODIFIED for Age Group I

Sr Red/ Black swim 6:45-9:00am in the bubble
Sr White swims 9:00-10:30am in the bubble
Age Group II swims 9:00-10:30am in the bubble

Age Group I swimmers not attending the meet swim 10:30-11:30am in the bubble with Novice III

Sr Prep/Masters has no practice
Novice swims 10:30-11:30am in the bubble


Personalized Cap Order

The personalized cap order deadline is January 10.   We will only be ordering silicone caps - not enough swimmers were interested in latex caps. Families who ordered latex caps will have their form and check returned to their folder.  A listing of orders received to date can be found on the website.  Please check the website to make sure your order is listed and for more information on ordering a cap.