Cari Blalock Qualifies for Olympic Trials

 WOW Senior Advanced swimmer Cari Blalock accomplished her biggest goal of the season Saturday night in Nashville, TN. 

Swimming a time trial of the Women’s 100meter Butterfly, Cari finished with a time of 1:02.27, a best time, and an US Olympic Trials qualifying time.  Cari will travel to Omaha, Nebraska at the end of June representing WOW at the 2008 US Olympic Trials.

Cari missed the cut by .02 seconds on Friday night in finals, a great swim, but a disappointing performace in falling short of her goal.  Not willing to end her season there, Cari decided to time trial the event Saturday night at the conclusion of finals.  Racing only the clock she finished under the cut, and most importantly, achieved her goal.

One of the biggest lessons we can learn from this sport is how to, out of disappointment, find success.  Cari could have focused on missing the time standard, could have assumed failure, could have ended the season right there.  But she chose not to see the time standard, not to judge herself on .02 seconds. 

It is important for our goals to be stepping stones towards the larger goals of our swimming carreers and lives, Cari Blalock understood this when she dove in Saturday night.  Her goal was not a barrier to be broken through, it was one step on the journey.  She didn’t believe in barriers, and neither do we.

Way to go Cari, good luck in Omaha!

And good luck to all WOW swimmers in achieving their next  "stepping stone".