Welcome 2018 Membership Year

Welcome 2017-2018 Swim Season and 2018 Membership Year!

Club registrars/administrators please familiarize yourselves with the location of the following forms on the PNS website:

Forms > Registration - Athlete registration form is NOT posted to the website as athletes need to obtain from member club so clubs can set up in their team database/billing system.  Non-athlete Registration application form and links to Background Check (BG) and Athlete Protection Training (APT).

Forms > Club Forms - Club Application (due 11/1/17), Organization Application, Club Portal access information, Athlete Transfer Form (please be sure that your club website has this version posted), 2018 Transmittal of funds to PNS Office and 2018 Registration Manual.

Forms > Lystedt Law - clubs retain for their records

Forms > Racing Start Cert - clubs retain for their records

Forms > Become a Member - information for athlete and non-athlete members

Swimmers > Outeach - new documentation for the 2018 membership year for those athlete members submitting registration as outreach.  Outreach Membership Affadavit must be completed and sent along with the registration form (electronic file with outreach membership indicated).